Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Welcome to Our Nightmare!

I was in a death struggle with Self.

God and Satan fought for my soul for three long hours.
God conquered.
- Now I only have one doubt left -
Which of the twain was God.
- Aceldama 1898

Not entirely coincidentally, the same day that I released 'Rapture' Tutsy Navarathna released his latest film 'Welcome to The Other Side' (embedded below).

'Welcome to The Other Side' is Tutsy's hotly tipped UWA IV entry, fresh off the back of his recent UWA III win.

The film has The Devil instructing Tutsy to investigate Virtual Worlds and present a machinima document of his findings.

Tutsy's investigations take him from the seediest to the loftiest...although which is which is left entirely as an exercise for the audience.

I appear in a handful of scenes - in my Rabbit Girl Porn Star persona, my Austerity Chic look and, pictured in this blog, my Vampire Kiss avatar.

And so, without further ado, please allow me to present Tutsy Navarathna's 'Welcome to The Other Side':

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Bring On The Clowns!

After many years of unhappiness, Tulsi-Love and Pixie-Miku eventually run away from their restrictive and unfulfilling life at the circus.

After wandering the wastelands they finally find happiness, security and gainful employment at a prestigious firm of taxation accountants.

However, at weekends....when nobody is around to see....the habits of a lifetime prove hard to break....


Monday, 29 August 2011

Rapture - Who Is Watching The Voyeurs?

At long last, we proudly present our latest film production, 'Rapture'.

Special thanks to:

Aleister Priestman
SuicideGirl Evermore
Kitty Sinn
Ehlene Genesis
Jayda Bouevier
Zettho Razor
Aiden Lexenstar

for their time and for their patience with me, and to

Tutsy Navarathna
Serenity Juneberry
Jinx Jiersen

for their indispensible and much appreciated love, support and encouragement.

Click here to read the 'Rapture' feature on Emmanelle Jameson's blog.

Friday, 19 August 2011


Today a film by French director Pascal Laugier was recommended to me as "teh most scary film evar".

That film is called "Martyrs" and it was first screened at the 2008 Cannes Festival where it received mixed reviews due to its level of violence.

The film opens as the heroine escapes from a disused abbatoir where she has been imprisoned for years.

According to my friend, who watched the original French cut of the film with English sub-titles, that scene is the most cheerful of the whole film!

My friend is lending my the DVD next week, but in the meantime I found that the full film has been posted in parts on YouTube. This version is overdubbed in English.

Right now I am laying in bed wrapped only in my dressing gown. The bedroom lights are dimmed. I have a mug of sweet milky coco and a glass of water on my bedside table. I am just about to press the 'Play' button for Part 1...

Hold my hand and watch it with me...

Monday, 8 August 2011

The Protestant Work Ethic

I am on summer break from Uni and currently staying with my father in a village in Cambridgeshire.

He has organised a summer vacation job for me at a local corner shop. I hate it. And I tell him so. Daily.

His standard response is "It'll be good for you, Pixie-san, to experience the work environment."

"If it is so good for me,  Daddy-sensi, why does it make me feel so shit? Huh?" is my standard reply.

Sometimes his Zen Koans just have no bearing on the reality of the situation.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

'Rapture' Tease

'Rapture' will not be finished in time to release it this coming weekend.

It isn't that I haven't been busy beavering away...I have! Except it has all been on things totally unrelated to 'Rapture'.

So, in the meantime, please enjoy this Tease....

Monday, 1 August 2011

A Quiet Sunday Night In

"Home is not where you live, but where they understand you"
                                       - Christian Morganster
 (click to enlarge images)
The Secret Life of Leaves
It was my RL birthday last Friday and to celebrate I spent the weekend in the Big Bad City spending money I didn't have on alcoholic drinks I didn't want.
Crying Over A Spilt Milk Crate
Had a fabulous time.
The Joy of Leaves
But come Sunday night, I was too knackered to do any editing on 'Rapture'.
At Home, Far Away
Now, normally when I am too tired to edit, I will go exploring, usually to a place someone has sent me an LM for.

Recently, however, I have taken to simply opening the map on the mainland and double-clicking at random to teleport to a unknown destination. I then just walk and explore.
My Home Region
The problem with walking on the mainland is - no matter how careful you are, no matter how respectful you are, no matter how polite - at some point you'll end up getting tp'd home by some security device or another.
My Parcel & Region
So, with that in mind, tonight I decided to cut out the middleman and simply stay at home and write about that.
Chillin' On The Fridge
 My home region is owned by Debbie Trilling and Adec Alexandria.

Debbie and Adec generously allow me to squat rent-free on their beautiful sim. I really can not thank them enough.
Front Porch of My Caravan
 Both Debbie and Adec are accomplished artists and SL Content Creators in their own right.
Bath, Washing Line & Ancient Roman Pillar
Debbie is a scripter, particle artist and Creative Director responsible for some of the biggest performance shows to hit SL, including 'The Wall' and 'Metropolis'. She has also created the climax of SL's "Burning Life" festival - the actual burning of The Man - in 2009, 2010 and will again in October 2011.
My Parcel 
Amongst her other accomplishments, Debbie also originally invented that gadget which asks to display your profile picture. She released the script code open-source. All those gadgets you see for sale are based on the core of this free code.
Old Fridge, Film Award, Bin Bags & Milk Crate
 Adec is an imaginative architectural builder and SL artistic photographer.

Many of his flickr compositions show an emotional depth that one can not help feeling is very personal indeed. In fact, some (which sadly I can not seem to locate right now to link to) made me feel I was intruding into something intensely private.
Latrine, Fridge, Film Award (fabulous Igor Ballyhoo sculpture in background)
I felt honoured and humbled when Debbie and Adec asked me if I would like to come live on their region with them.
Simon, Pixie & Dave
My oldest friend in Second Life is Dave Vellhi.

Dave has his own rocking chair on my parcel that no one else is allowed to use. He made it himself. We sit and chat, looking out to the sea. I pot; Dave rocks.
Simon The Rabbit
I met Dave in my first week of Second Life.

He has always been so supportive and kind. He even brought me my first rabbit, Simon.
My Latrine
And he got me this lovely latrine for my birthday.
Pile of Asphalt & The Creature's Box
Dave also made me this pile of asphalt and shovel. A "must have" item for any self-respecting gypsy.

But best of all, Dave built me my own production studio where I can film set pieces and I also have my blue and green screen studios.

The studio is housed on Dave's own sim - a simple teleport away from my home.
Dave & Pixie's Roles in the Hay
Apart from Simon, I also have a rabbit called Vellhi, named in honour of Dave.
Vellhi The Rabbit
My third rabbit is called Orwell, after Orson Welles and George Orwell.
Orwell The Rabbit
Apart from the rabbits, I also share my parcel with a lump of mold, The Creature and The Watcher. All three are low maintenance and hate being cuddled.

The Creature, however, does seem to enjoy being tickled.
Mold, The Creature and The Watcher
I love the region I live on and my parcel on it. I love my rabbits and my creatures. I love my flowers and leaves, my caravan, my asphalt and my junk-rubbish.

But most of all, I love my friends for letting me be me, and for loving me for being me.