Sunday, 18 March 2012

In-World Adult Machinima Cinema !

Barry Lubezki has long been an enthusiastic supporter of machinima porn in Second Life. Indeed, he was a judge on THE SEXIEST® machinima awards panel for both the 2010 and 2011 contests.
Barry was responsible for opening the first ever in-world porn machinima cinema at his ‘Keyhole Club’, in 2009. The Keyhole has been screening machinima almost constantly ever since.
The Keyhole Club is consistently in the Top 30 most populated locations in Second Life. One of the reasons is that Barry is committed to providing a relaxed, fun and sexy venue. Part of that successful formula is his in-world machinima cinema.
For the last year or so, the cinema has being screening my movies but, in readiness for this summer’s planned ‘Adult Machinima Film Festival’, it is time to open up the Keyhole Club’s cinema to all of SL’s adult machinima makers!
Barry invites any and all adult machinima directors to submit their films to be screened at his high-traffic in-world cinema!
Watch SL porn, and have your SL porn watched – at The Keyhole Club!
Submission details after the jump….

1)  Only a film’s director/creator should submit a film.
2)    Upload your film(s) to RedTube site:
-         You will need to register an account to upload. Registration is quick and easy.
-         Read the ‘Upload Rules’ and upload your movie in either wmv, mpg, mpeg, qt, avi, asf or mov format. The maximum file size is 800Mb.
-         Set the film(s) to “Public”.
-         Set the tags.
-         Click the ‘Save & Upload’ button.
-         After the upload has completed, wait for it to process. This can often take quite some time. Be patient.
3)    Send a notecard to Barry Lubezki including the following information:
-         Your avatar name.
-         The name of the movie(s).
-         The RedTube URL of the movies(s).
4)    Barry will do the rest!
5)    Go visit the ‘Keyhole Club’s’ cinema and watch adult machinima!

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