Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Only In Second Life!

Blue is the new black” – Le Grand Schtroumpf  (1469 – 2011)
Le Grand Schtroumpf
No, not only in SL, sad to say...

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Telegraph Pole of the Month - April 2013

This life’s dim windows of the soul distorts the heavens from telegraph pole to telegraph pole and leads you to believe a lie when you see with, not through, the eye” - William Blake (1757 – 1827)

April’s Telegraph Pole of the Month is a prop on the film set we have created at my home region for Laz Doghouse's and my UWA entry.
We hacked, modified and bastardised various objects from different creators to make this cute “sweethearts engraving their initials onto a telegraph pole” animation sequence.
Niche market, I know.
Pixie xx

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

B.B.C. at the LoveHo Sex Hotel

Kazuki - Big Bot Cock

In many respects The LoveHo Hotel is just like lots of other ‘rent-a-room’ sex joints in Second Life. However it has one distinguishing and noteworthy feature which makes it well-worth your time visiting and experiencing – The LoveHo Hotel has scripted escort bots!
Finally, someone has discovered a worthwhile and valuable purpose for bots!
After choosing and paying for your themed room, you teleport to the room and teleport in friend(s). You can now use the room and its toys as any other sex hotel….or you can use the phone by the bed to call an escort to visit you in your room! A selection of male and females are available.
I toyed with Kazuki (male) and Miya (female).
When your sexy escort first arrives he/she sits in a chair, thanks you and announces (in open chat) that he/she will do anything you want. And I do mean *anything*!
You touch the sex bed, sex bath or couples dance system supplied in the room, select a pose, grant the anim perms and jump on a pose ball. Your oh-so-willing escort immediately joins you on the other ball.
You can now use the sex toy as you would with any other avatar.
This is such a bizarre idea that everyone should try it at least once. Go on – go get yourself some B.B.C. (Big Bot Cock) at the one and only LoveHo Hotel!

Pixie xx

Monday, 1 April 2013

The Creeps

We go split before my eyes
Increase, double size
Lease out my brain
Am I insane
To go down to the creeps?

Come on down to the creeps
Come on down to the creeps…

I’d love to make this into an SL machinima. I think it would work perfectly on so many levels. Unfortunately, I am unlikely to have enough time this year to devote to it. However if someone else feels motivated to take it up, please give me a call as I’d love to be involved in some capacity.
If no one does, I may have a bash at it next year.

Enjoy Camille Jones Vs Fedde Le Grande performing their version of The Freaks “The Creeps”…

Hat tip to Debbie for the link...