Thursday, 29 March 2012

MetaSex Movie Poster

.:: DoL ::., whose art-sim we’ve discussed before,  has put her formidable artist skills to good use and created this striking movie poster for Tutsy’s ‘MetaSex’.
I don’t know if .:: DoL ::. intends entering this poster to the MachinimUWA V Poster contest but I certainly hope so.
In fact, thinking about it now…maybe I should enter some of my own movie posters…I already have work uploaded to aviewtv and my movies are the only adult films currently allowed to be screened at their Machinima Gallery (an ‘adult’ section was especially built to accommodate my films), so I probably qualify to enter.
Now there’s a thought…
Pixie xx

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Slug Daddy & Puppy Puddlegum Go Down in Mayfair

On returning from an RL art gallery located in Mayfair London, I was bemused to see the Quan Lavender had just that moment posted a review of her visit to the SL Mayfair.
I resolved to go visit immediately – this sounded like a perfect assignment for Slug Daddy and Puppy Puddlegum!
The interesting thing about SL Mayfair is that it is entirely made of mesh. And, I must say, it looks great.
Last figures I saw from LLab, approx. 2 weeks ago, 80% of viewers logging into SL are mesh-enabled. At the risk of stating the obvious, if you are not using a mesh-enabled viewer then Mayfair will look a complete mess to you. It seriously is about time you updated.
I have been wearing mesh clothes for quite a while now and, for the most part, I really like it. It is not without problems, mainly due to the necessity of changing the avatar shape to fit the mesh rather than the mesh moulding to the avatar shape.
However, the number of people who IM saying things like “Please rebake, I can’t see your mid-section” or “You need to re-log” has dropped considerably. I assume that’s because more and more are using mesh-enabled viewers, as LLab state.
Slug Daddy was saddened to note that the SL Mayfair region is rated ‘General’. This prevented him from stroking his Puppy in public.

Pixie xx 

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Elena & Michel Gran 101

'Rain' by Elena & Michel Gran

Russian-born artists Elena and Michel Gran are leading exponents of trompe I’oeil painting.
Elena and Michel work on each piece together, on the same canvas, and create what could be described as a canvas equivalent of a card trick.
Their work is like a magician’s sleight of hand; it is deliberately deceptive and the references sometimes obscure. It takes work to unjumble the anagrams and make sense of the composition.
Elena and Michel are currently exhibiting at the Albemarle gallery in Mayfair, London until the 24th March. It is definitely worth a visit. You can see the exhibition catalogue online here.

Monday, 19 March 2012

Pixie Rain On RedTube

Preparing for my films to be screened at Barry Lubezki’s Keyhole Club’ machinima cinema, I have now uploaded to RedTube.
I am really pleased with their resolution quality. Definitely worth the long wait of processing time.
I was also somewhat surprised to see that a number of the films – including ‘Showdown’, ‘PsychoKiller’ and ‘Werewolves of London’ – were rejected for ‘Inappropriate Content’. Tutsy’s theory is that they were rejected because there isn’t enough porn in them!

         Sex With Strangers

Another of the rejected films was ‘The Face of Nutri-Nutt 2010’. Never was there a more innocent and blameless movie ever made…..ah, perhaps that was the problem…

Sunday, 18 March 2012

In-World Adult Machinima Cinema !

Barry Lubezki has long been an enthusiastic supporter of machinima porn in Second Life. Indeed, he was a judge on THE SEXIEST® machinima awards panel for both the 2010 and 2011 contests.
Barry was responsible for opening the first ever in-world porn machinima cinema at his ‘Keyhole Club’, in 2009. The Keyhole has been screening machinima almost constantly ever since.
The Keyhole Club is consistently in the Top 30 most populated locations in Second Life. One of the reasons is that Barry is committed to providing a relaxed, fun and sexy venue. Part of that successful formula is his in-world machinima cinema.
For the last year or so, the cinema has being screening my movies but, in readiness for this summer’s planned ‘Adult Machinima Film Festival’, it is time to open up the Keyhole Club’s cinema to all of SL’s adult machinima makers!
Barry invites any and all adult machinima directors to submit their films to be screened at his high-traffic in-world cinema!
Watch SL porn, and have your SL porn watched – at The Keyhole Club!
Submission details after the jump….

Saturday, 17 March 2012

'Sex With Strangers' Movie Review by Ivori Faith

A review of ‘Sex With Strangers’ by Ivori Faith which originally appeared on the ‘Stripped And Teased’ blog. Reproduced in whole here. I wish to thank Ivori for this generous piece.
At the complete opposite end of the spectrum [to the film just reviewed] is ‘Sex With Strangers’ film by Pixie Rain.
This film had a similar effect on me as ‘La Cagna Ricca’ did upon viewing it.
Starring the delicious Tina McClure, Pixie takes on a sweet little mind fuck of a movie - the visuals at times are downright jaw-dropping.
Its part porn, part music video and part acid trip - all set to the beat of the Marianne Faithful track of the same name.
Pixie even interrupts the film for a cameo in a commercial that had me giggling.
The beauty of this flim is that the sex itself is almost secondary.  It's about the thoughts, emotions, desires and even the chemical reactions of that most primal human emotion: lust.
The film is laid out in a stunning display that not many have attempted here, if at all.
I could detail all of the things that happen in this movie (and the scene where an old man jerking off to one of Tina's movies is surprised when the screen shatters and she's suddenly standing before him is brilliant, especially because he left his socks on!) or you could just watch it for yourself!
I cannot recommend this movie any higher.
Porn as Art, SL Style.
Ivori Faith.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

Terry Rodgers 101

Terry Rodgers (b.1947) is an American artist renowned for his large-scale erotic canvas character studies. He also expresses himself artistically using film and photography.
A lot of Rodgers work can most easily be categorised as ‘realism’ in that tends to depict subjects in the third person, without any explicit interpretation from the artist.
I first became aware of his work from Teqi’s Lounge, a sexy and fun place where I occasionally like to hang out, and have been viewing it every since.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

'Showdown' Movie Review by Rayven Baily

A review of ‘Showdown’ by Rayven Baily which originally appeared on her ‘Hell Yea, I’m A Motherfucking Princess’ blog. Reproduced in whole here. I wish to thank Rayven for this generous piece.
By Pixie Rain
One thing you can say is Pixie Rain has a different style then a lot others.
You can also say anytime you watch one of her videos you will see a very well edited and professional video.
I think above all now, I really do appreciate the work someone puts in to a very well edited film. Cause' it means they take pride in what they are doing and enjoy entertaining at a high level.
By far my favourite part of the movie was when the two women were trying to find a way to meet for this "Showdown". And what better way then to have a helicopter hat?
The environment at times is very stunning and visually eye catching. The addition of the lens flare effect during the guitar solo was very well done. I'm not sure I understood what exactly happened and why at the end, but it didn't take away that I enjoyed this production.
Overall a video well worth checking out!
Rayven Baily.

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

'Rapture' Movie Review By Serenity Juneberry

A movie review of ‘Rapture’ by Serenity Juneberry which originally appeared on ‘The Pornstars’ blog. Reproduced in whole here. I wish to thank Serenity for this generous piece.
By Pixie Rain
It almost seems unfair to review this movie after my initial two viewings and then again for my screen shots for this piece.
Because there is so much going on, so much to appreciate admire and enjoy on so many levels. I feel you cannot fully take in the whole experience unless you view it many times.
It's a tribute to Pixie that she has earned the right to have a new release anticipated and looked forward to so much. I have been checking her blog and waiting for this, waiting eagerly, then doing a final big "Oooooh! Yes!" when I spotted it at Kittyshack today.
The video ranges from cinematic trailer-like and very cool at it's opening thanks to some ‘Blade Runner’ like camera flights through a quite stunning glowing futuristic cityscape (look for locations in the credits)  and the very fitting, stirring voice-acting selections.
Through to a cool music video and on to some of Pixie's most graphic sexual content so far. All balanced with her usual artistic flare and vision. This has it all, enough to keep anybody transfixed for the duration and then hitting the play button again and again.
It's technically amazing. I absolutely loved the projector screen scenes.
Pixie has the prowess to pull off the technical side due to hard work, study, planning and just plain effort and will to bring us perfection.
It's very easy to sit back and be stifled and never bring your visions to the screen. Pixie throws off all the chains due to this hard work and thankfully letting us see what's going on in her minds eye.
All this and one of my favourite bands "The Specials" on the sound track!
Congrats to all the cast - you are extremely privileged to be part of this.
And huge congratulations to Pixie.
Serenity Juneberry xx.

Monday, 12 March 2012

'The Kiss' Movie Review by Serenity Juneberry

A review of ‘The Kiss’ by Serenity Juneberry which originally appeared on ‘The Pornstars’ blog. Reproduced in whole here. I wish to thank Serenity for this generous piece.

‘The Kiss
By Pixie Rain
There are a lot of opinions on just what or who is great, what should be happening or how things should be on the porn scene right now.
One uniting fact is everybody loves Pixie Rain!!!
One person’s art can differ from another. We all have the right to appreciate different movies but most of us can appreciate something quite special when it's put in front of us.
In the case of Pixie, most of us find ourselves completely absorbed by the amazing and highly imaginative imagery she captures.
It's quite ironic that somebody who does not even have both feet planted firmly in traditional porn has united so many on the scene and commands so much respect. Pixie gives us erotic artistic video, sometimes very hot, sometimes subtle, but always fitting and right.
A comment or compliment from Pixie on a movie I've produced it means so much - as I'm sure it does for others. I feel that sums up the esteem which she's regarded among fellow movie makers.
This is why it's very dangerous to bracket how things should be. If you have a talent to do what could be termed "emoting through video" to make the viewer really feel what's going on in front of them, no amount of dialogue or traditional story telling can top it.
I've watched almost hypnotized at times because all the elements blend and work so well. Nothing leaps out as wrong and breaks the spell even for a moment.
Pixie not only has the artistic eye needed to deliver us these special projects, she also has a huge amount of technical expertise which ensures her work looks pristine and high quality. As well as giving her an extra dimension through visual effects to further the experience and polish of her finished productions.
Anybody feeling they have gone as far as they can go in-world with capturing video and editing it should look at directors such as Pixie and see what other levels their work could be taken to by a visual effects or a post production phase.
If you can begin to master it like Pixie, you'll find it starts to shape your in world shoots, giving you total freedom to express yourself.
Blending art and technical skills can mean nothing is impossible.
There really is no limit to what we can achieve and capture filming in a virtual world. Imagination, amazing software available to all and new viewer enhancements are there for us all to use and explore.
Thankfully, Pixie embraces all this and always brightens up my screen.
Serenity Juneberry xx

Sunday, 11 March 2012


A movie review of ‘MetaSex’ by Serenity Juneberry which originally appeared on ‘The Pornstars’ blog, reproduced in whole here.
Tutsy & I wish to thank Serenity for this thoughtful piece.

When I heard Tutsy Navarathna was crossing over to the World of Adult Machinima, I was extremely excited. An award winning mainstream machinima producer, who excels in that genre, producing a sex movie is a mouth-watering prospect!
I believe mainstream machinima artists flourish and become simply the best because when you actually analyze the content of our adult movies we are looking at anything between 70%-99% sexual imagery. There is no shame in that, we're making porn. My point is however, if you remove up to 99% of your movie content, what do you replace it with? How do you keep your viewers interested, amazed, dazzled, and excited? That is the training ground of an artist like Tutsy - who is now bringing that art, style, skill, imagination and sheer creativity to bear on a adult movie project.
Thanks to Pixie Rain, a prominent star of this film, and Tutsy himself I was sent a advance copy of this movie in glorious 1080p HD video. I have to say it was a truly amazing experience to watch.
I think it was after viewing number 4 that I felt I could pick my jaw up and be in a position sit down and write something to outline just how special it is.
“MetaSex” is, it turns out, as a perfect title as the movie itself.
MetaSex’ is a journey through every facet of fetish, sexual kink, turn on and sexual activity happening right now in Second Life.
Ironically this movie is so very Second Life and yet the production lifts the content far outside our regular views of our in-world experiences.
It uses some of the most impressive post production techniques I've ever seen. When somebody with this skill set has the attitude that Second Life is a tool where the sky is the limit visually, you are going to be in for a special and amazing journey as a viewer.
As you watch ‘MetaSex’, you are bombarded with spectacular imagery, relentlessly and uniquely pieced together, taking in a whole Metaverse of sexual pastimes.
You start to become aware how huge this project is as scenes within scenes unfold, hundreds of examples of carefully shot and created content is sent your way in a collage of video and stills blended, layered and collated together to give you almost a sense of riding through a gallery of video exhibits on a roller coaster which thoughtfully slows down long enough to let you enjoy, before moving on to the next eye-opening work of art.
One of the most powerful aspects of ‘MetaSex’ is the realisation that many of the scenario's fetishes and pastimes, even the outfits and fetish attachments, look very familiar to us all.
For many of us this is a stark contrast to "Real Life". In doing so ‘MetaSex’ can leave you contemplating the shortfall between your sexually liberated, confident, and exotic Second Life and your maybe more mundane Real Life!
If you've ever shot a movie in Second Life which required any type of post production you will have a special appreciation and admiration of this project. If you are a regular viewer then you are still going to come away knowing you seen something very special. Although, as with me, I expect it'll be about viewing number 4 or 5 before you start to just take in what you've seen.
It is a masterpiece!
I for one am honoured Tutsy has made this crossover into our genre of machinima. I hope it can inspire.
MetaSex’ was made by a highly skilled and experienced producer. The most special thing about it though is the imagination and the realisation of the producer of what a playground we have to film in, and what can unravel and how it can inspire you when you use it and start to think of it in such a way.
Outside the box there are works of art and some hugely enjoyable projects waiting to be made and pieced together. Not just by accomplished artists like Tutsy but by all of us, no matter where we sit on the learning curve in Machinima.
Serenity Juneberry. xx

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Knowing Me, Knowing You

The person you are photographing is 50% of the portrait and you are the other 50%.
You need the model as much as she needs you.
If she doesn’t want to help you, it will be a very dull picture.
- Lord Patrick Lichfield, English Photographer

When Jinx Jiersen asks if you’d be interested in modelling for him on a photo shoot you answer, without hesitation, “Of course! When do we start?”
I have been fortunate enough to have been asked by Jinx twice – in May 2011 and March 2012. Both sessions have resulted in pictures which I adore.
A photo shoot with Jinx is a complete experience; it encompasses an interview, outfit and make-up selection, animation and pose choices, location and props discussion and finally, the photo shoot itself.
It really is a fun and delightful way to spend time. It is ego-stroking in the nicest possible way.
This time, however, I kinda turned the tables a little and  - unknown to Jinx himself - snapped off some shots of my own as he worked;  a pictorial diary of the experience.
Please enjoy this series of pictures which I have named Knowing Me, Knowing You”. Sorry, but it’s the best I can do.
Pixie xx