Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Jinx and Pixie Rule Britannia

I like people with their own beauty
-         David Bailey CBE (English photographer), 1999

All photographs and interview by Jinx Jiersen. This article was originally published on Emmanuelle Jameson’s ‘The Pornstars’ blog.

Jinx Jiersen: What is your favourite position and why?

Pixie Rain: Doggy position.
I like its animistic and primitive nature. Not being able to look each other "in the eye" creates a feeling of anonymity and disconnection; it is "fucking" rather than "making love".
That is a sexy feeling for me.

JJ: What is your least favourite position and why?

PR: 69’er.
Works perfectly in my imagination but in practice something always seems to go wrong, often with very messy results.
Perhaps I just need more practice.

JJ: What turns you on?

PR: Intelligent humour.

JJ: What turns you off?

PR: Mullet haircuts.

JJ: What sound do you love?

PR: I love the sound of breaking glass.

JJ: What sound do you hate?

PR: The click, whirl and bleep as an ATM cash machine retains my credit card for abusing my limit. Again.

JJ: What is your favourite curse word?

PR: "Bugger".
“Bugger" is a great word because depending on tone of voice and context it can mean either:
1) anal sex by a man with another man or a woman.
2) vaginal intercourse by either a man or woman with an animal.
3) a mild exclamation after an accident or mishap.
4) a term of endearment and affection for a loved one.
The Buggery Act of 1533 remains my favourite legislation of all-time.

JJ: What was your favourite role?

PR: Would it be too corny and predictable to say 'The Kiss' with Jinx Jiersen?
Yeah, I thought so too.
In that case, with Paddledog Oh in 'Showdown'.

JJ: What is your favourite movie?

PR: Difficult one.
Serenity Juneberry has built-up an enviable body of work.
Thorgal McGillivary's 'Dick Tasty' series is fabulously well produced.
Bert Jedburgh's movies will always make me immediately stop whatever I am doing to watch. 'Meow' was definitely one of my personal favourite films of 2011.
But, if I had to go out on a limb to name just one, it would be 'Disturbia' by Aurora Bentham.

JJ: How did you get started in the Adult Movie Industry?

PR: I started making edgy-sexual movies in Second Life in March 2010, soon after I started an account.
I had no idea at that time that SL had a thriving adult machinima community.
After three "inappropriate content" warnings from YouTube I searched for alternative places to post my films. I found NaughtyMachinima and posted them there instead.
My films were noticed by a number of popular bloggers including Emmanuelle, Serenity and Rayven - all of whom have been wonderfully supportive, along with others who have become close friends.

JJ: If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?

PR: "I've extended your credit limit for Eternity.”

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