Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Kiss (Directors Cut)

It is possible to overcook a meal.

Immediately prior to the final render of "The Kiss" (Version 3), I made scores of tiny keyframe and colour adjustments plus one major scene insertion.

The majority of the keyframe and colour adjustments enhanced the film, I believe. But some did not.

The additional scene also, I believe, detracted from what was previously a beautiful 'S' curve crescendo because I had to extend the length of the soundtrack to shoehorn the extra scene in.

The MP3 extension itself was far from satisfactory and, when I hear it now, I really can not understand what possessed me to think it was of a acceptable standard.

These were all directorial decisions that I took immediately prior to the final render; they do not reflect on Jinx's original screenplay.

Normally I allow 24 hours from when I think the film is "finished" to starting the final render. This gives me a distance to re-look at the film with a fresh pair of eyes. In this case I didn't wait. I made these last minute changes and then started the render. Bad move, in hindsight.

The word "Cut" here is very appropriate because, for the most part, it is a culling of entire clips and sequences that differentiate this version from the version on NaughtyMachinima (Version 3).
The changes can be summarised as:

1) Remove the red and purple dust clouds from the opening title sequence
2) Remove the white stars from the opening title sequence
3) Change the gaseous clouds from using a alpha matt to a luma inverted matt
4) Change the blending mode on all remaining stars from Luminosity to Add but lower their opacity
5) Remove the "through the window" clip at 2:26:24
6) Remove the entire "Crypt Sex" sequence" from 3:30:02 to 3:52:17
7) Remove fireworks clip and sounds
8) Restore original soundtrack

The Directors Cut will only be posted here, not on NM.

Version 3 is proving popular on NM with 600+ views, 10 comments and eight 5-stars rating. It would be churlish to inflict my anal obsessiveness on others!

I am much happier with this version and I present here: The Kiss (Directors Cut).

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  1. WOW this is powerful movie. Great Job