Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Where's My Kiss?

We were scheduled to release 'The Kiss' today and actually could of if we had wanted to.

I worked finalising it until 2am and the set the alarm for 6am to do two hours more before college. Uploaded it during morning lectures.

Jinx & I watched in 720HD and felt happy and proud.

Almost simultaneously, we realised that, as good as it is, we can make it even better. And so we are putting the release date back until next week to film an additional scene.

Version 1 is available to watch, if anyone was particularly interested; we are just not making it public. Just IM me in-world for the link.

I am not much into "teasers" (so-called), feeling that rather than teasing they in fact generate sighs, rolled-eyes and boredom.

This pic is emphatically not a teaser. Really. But it is a screen dump of a scene in Version 1.

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