Sunday, 15 May 2011

Can I Haz A Pr0n Star Plze?

((Name changed to protect my sanity))

[2011/05/08 13:10]  Pr0nStarSurprise Resident: Hi i saw you a porn director & I want 2b in 1 of yr films
[2011/05/28 13:10]  Pixie Rain: hey, thanks for your message. Have you seen any of my films?

10mins later...

[2011/05/08 13:20] Pr0nStarSurprise Resident: I started 2 watch it but I was 2 busy

/me quietly closes the IM window and returns to what I was doing
8 mins later...

[2011/05/08 13:28] Pr0nStarSurprise Resident: OK ready to start. tp me
[2011/05/28 13:10] Pixie Rain: Pixie Rain scratches her head and closes the IM window


A totally irrelevant picture to take our minds off this whole distasteful episode:

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