Monday, 25 February 2013

THE SEXIEST Machinima Awards 2013: In Porn We Trust

Despite heroic efforts from organisers and attendees alike, yesterday’s THE SEXIEST machinima award ceremony had to be postponed. This was due to a combination of simulator instability and a co-ordinated griefer attack.
All part and parcel of the much coveted “Second Life Experience“ - nothing to make a big drama about. I just hope Emmanuelle and her dedicated team haven’t taken too much of a hit because of it.
 “In Porn We Trust!”
And this personal message from Emmanuelle:
We had some bad luck. Between a server and griefers, we couldn't hold the Sexiest Awards show today.
But we will make it even better, fine tune things, tighten security and have a new show in just a few weeks.
Thanks for your patience. You were all wonderful and supportive today
Emmanuelle Jameson photographed by Jinx Jiersen

Saturday, 23 February 2013

THE SEXIEST® Machinima Awards 2013

Sunday sees the third annual THE SEXIEST® adult machinima award ceremony. I am really looking forward to it! The previous two years have been high-toned fun and enjoyable, without doubt one of the highlights in my Second Life calendar.
Last year I presided as Chair of Judges and therefore could not enter any of my own films into the contest. This year I had intended to enter ‘The Mainline’ but unfortunately it was not finished before the submission deadline. I do however feel well represented because Tutsy’s ‘MetaSex’ has been nominated in three categories.
This year the film categories have been rationalised down to eight and, in my opinion, this is a very good improvement. With the possible exception of ‘Best Newcomer’, the new arrangement allows us to concentrate on those aspects of adult machinima-making which really are important rather than being distracted by appealing but nonetheless peripheral considerations.
 Bert Jedburgh’s ‘Bus Stop
I  think there is also a valid argument for amalgamating the ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Director’ categories into a single ‘Best Adult Machinima’. Last year quite of number of the judges sought advice of how to differentiate these two categories. Two judges in particular struggled understanding the difference between the two categories. I guided as best I could but was very mindful that – in the case of a Second Life machinima rather than a Real Life film – the director not only “directs” but also decides the cast, decides the storyline, films, edits, decides credit priorities and so on. It is therefore a difficult division to make. One would naturally expect that the same films/people which are nominated in the ‘Best Film’ category would also be nominated in the ‘Best Director’ category. And, indeed, that is precisely what has happened this year. For the record, last year four of the five nominations per category appeared in both categories; and the winner of ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Film’ were in fact the same film.
Hard Rust’s ‘Seams and Dreams Burlesque
Logically then it would make sense to amalgamate these categories. However, *emotionally* it does not make sense! By combining these categories I think we would risk reducing the amount of fun, excitement and, yes, let us be honest here, ego-stroking that THE SEXIEST® awards provide. And the loss of any of those important elements would be a great shame in my opinion. ‘Best Actor’, ‘Best Actress’, ‘Best Director’ and ‘Best Film’ have long been considered the traditional “Big Four” in film award ceremonies. There is nothing wrong with THE SEXIEST® mirroring this tradition.
Thorgal MCGillivary’s ‘So You Wanna Be a Pornstar?
We do however need to be mindful that, although not necessary a “false dichotomy” as such, the differentiating line between of these two elements of making a single machinima is very thin indeed.
As for those five individuals nominated for ‘Best Film’ and ‘Best Director’ this year, three were also nominated last year:
·         - Bert Jedburgh’s ‘Bus Stop is an attractive and atmospheric offering showcasing Bert’s distinctive trademark delicate camera work and visual dexterity.
Hard Rust’s ‘Seams and Dreams Burlesque’ is a well-constructed 1920’s style burlesque romp with a great storyline which successfully captures the feel, sexual tension, suppression and experimentation of the era. Great musical accompaniment too!
Thorgal MCGillivary’s ‘So You Wanna Be a Pornstar?’ is a gorgeously filmed tale of sexual ritual initiation, with subtle camera movement and scene transitions. Beautiful actors and actresses.
The other two nominee’s are newcomers to the THE SEXIEST® awards, although in the case of Tutsy Navarathna at least, the word “newcomer” is probably somewhat misplaced! I don’t intend discussing ‘MetaSex’ in this blog-post as my feelings are well-known enough to not need any further amplification here!
Tutsy Navarathna' 'MetaSex'
The final nominee is Nikki Arlington’s ‘Sketched – Episode 1’. This is a superbly constructed “cartoon comic” style machinima which uses the same (or similar) effects plug-in to that which made the outright winner of the 2012 Machinima Expo ‘The Chapelside Deception so popular. However in my opinion, ‘Sketched’ is much more deftly and effectively handled.
There is not a single nominee that would not deserve to walk away with the winner’s gong. The standard is tremendously high.
Click here for the full list of nominees in all eight categories.
The one name that is conspicuous by its absence is of course Serenity Juneberry. Serenity, joint-winner with Arwen Juneberry of both last year’s Best Film’ and ‘Best Director awards has this year sacrificed her right to enter the contest and instead chaired the panel of judges alongside Louise Silverweb. I know from experience just how much of a time consuming exercise this role is!
Nikki Arlington’s ‘Sketched – Episode 1
As I write this, the judge’s names have just been posted on The Pornstars blog. There are some familiar names to me, as well as some less familiar. In all cases, they have devoted time and energy to this often thankless task. It really is not easy.
Emmanuelle Jameson has again taken responsibility for organising the build and decoration of the venue, as well as all the other many sundry things she does! If the previous years’ are anything to go by, it’ll be a great event.
 Although the award ceremony itself is by invite-only, the after-party is open to all.
I can’t wait and would thank organisers and participants alike for this fun, uplifting event!
Good luck to all!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Red Riding Hood Rides Again!

Good girls don’t talk to wolves.
                            -      Old Wife’s Tale
The Red Riding Hood story has been re-worked many, many times since the Brothers Grimm collected the original French tale and popularised it throughout Europe in the early part of the 19th century.
The tale appears to hold symbolism and meaning which resonates with many people in many different countries across the centuries.
There are of course numerous ways to interpret the original tale, and its many variations and derivatives. The sexual interpretation is so obvious and blatant that it barely even need be mentioned here, except in passing.
I have also seen the Red Riding Hood tale re-worked in Second Life numerous times – as machinima, photoshoots and performances – the most memorable to date probably being Toxic Menge’s 2010 machinima where I happened to be at the first in-world showing.
The frank truth is that I will rarely get excited to read an all too frequent Group Notice announcing yet another “re-telling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood story”.  However, when the artists involved in the re-working are as accomplished as Alpha Auer, Cherry Manga and Soror Nishi it would just be churlish to give it anything but serious consideration.
With an appreciative hat tip to Quan Lavender I attended the opening of their collaborative whole-region installation on Sunday evening. As one would expect from artists of this calibre, the build quality is high, the atmosphere immersive and the colours glorious.
Click here to teleport to the installation, called ‘The Companion
For reasons which will become obvious, the region is ‘Adult’ rated. Please use Windlight sky setting “[TOR]SCIFI - Bridge opera 1” and ensure your ‘Sounds’ are turned on.

Due to its richness of colour and imaginary, I suspect that ‘The Companion’ will deservedly form the backdrop of many more ‘Red Riding Hood’ inspired machinima and photoshoots.
It is no reflection on ‘The Companion’ that, of this latter prospect, I find myself somewhat less excited.

Pixie xx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Telegraph Pole of the Month, Feb 2013

Telegraph Pole of the Month Feb 2013

It is with great pleasure that we can now bring you the final result of February’s 2013 ‘Telegraph Pole of the Month’ competition…
And the winner is this beautiful telegraph pole created by Debora Stine - available from both her in-world and marketplace stores.
When my eyes first beheld it, I knew had to have it for my own land! This was not a spontaneous impulse-buy but rather the satisfying of a burning need and yearning buried deep inside me.
Debora, as many of you will already know, is also one of SL’s most talented and popular adult photographers. Her flickr account has many great pictures, successfully combining great visuals, great humour and sexiness. Check out her work!
My love of telegraph poles has been with me almost as long as I can remember, along with my love of electrical pylons. But it was Naughty Nataly who introduced me to the wonderful ‘Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society’ founded by the late great Sir Benjamin Spooner B.E.M.
The Telegraph Pole Appreciation Society provides refuge for those of us who bask in the glory of the “everyday mundanitude of these simple silent sentinels the world over.
If you know of or discover any other visually interesting telegraph poles or electrical pylons in-world, be sure to leave details in the comments below or IM me in-world!
You never know, you too could be cited in a ‘Telegraph Pole of the Month’ blog-post! Imagine!

Pixie xx

Friday, 15 February 2013

Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer
I just adore this photograph which is posted on the ‘Thinks Happen’ gallery.
Many thanks to SirMasterDaddyAdmiralBuddha Ruf for the tip to this great resource site!
I have this now set as my PC desktop picture!

Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Mainline

Our latest adult machinima, ‘The Mainline’, released today: