Monday, 25 February 2013

THE SEXIEST Machinima Awards 2013: In Porn We Trust

Despite heroic efforts from organisers and attendees alike, yesterday’s THE SEXIEST machinima award ceremony had to be postponed. This was due to a combination of simulator instability and a co-ordinated griefer attack.
All part and parcel of the much coveted “Second Life Experience“ - nothing to make a big drama about. I just hope Emmanuelle and her dedicated team haven’t taken too much of a hit because of it.
 “In Porn We Trust!”
And this personal message from Emmanuelle:
We had some bad luck. Between a server and griefers, we couldn't hold the Sexiest Awards show today.
But we will make it even better, fine tune things, tighten security and have a new show in just a few weeks.
Thanks for your patience. You were all wonderful and supportive today
Emmanuelle Jameson photographed by Jinx Jiersen

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  1. Thanks for the very nice suportive post Pixie. It means a lot.