Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Rob Danton's "Me And My Avatar" - RL/SL Presentation

I first met Rob Danton at Old Lars. It turns out I was reading his web site while he was watching Sex With Strangers.

Rob is the director of the well-known film "Me and My Avatar". This film has been accorded many accolades as well as having been broadcast on Europeon RL television and at US film festivals.

It has been nominated for best documentary at film festivals in Lübeck, Germany, and Krakow, Poland, and selected to festivals in Amsterdam, Cleveland, Ireland, Spain and Denmark. Also, it has been televised at ZDF and ARTE a.o.

Tonight there is a simulataneous RL/SL presentation of the film; 4 SL sims and 12 RL cinemas will be participating.

tutsy & I have been invited to watch at the theater on the "VIP Sim", no less! (quote-unquote). 

Am looking forward to it. To celebrate, here is a snapshot of tutsy & I wearing scissors on our head and ill-fitting shoes:

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