Saturday, 17 March 2012

'Sex With Strangers' Movie Review by Ivori Faith

A review of ‘Sex With Strangers’ by Ivori Faith which originally appeared on the ‘Stripped And Teased’ blog. Reproduced in whole here. I wish to thank Ivori for this generous piece.
At the complete opposite end of the spectrum [to the film just reviewed] is ‘Sex With Strangers’ film by Pixie Rain.
This film had a similar effect on me as ‘La Cagna Ricca’ did upon viewing it.
Starring the delicious Tina McClure, Pixie takes on a sweet little mind fuck of a movie - the visuals at times are downright jaw-dropping.
Its part porn, part music video and part acid trip - all set to the beat of the Marianne Faithful track of the same name.
Pixie even interrupts the film for a cameo in a commercial that had me giggling.
The beauty of this flim is that the sex itself is almost secondary.  It's about the thoughts, emotions, desires and even the chemical reactions of that most primal human emotion: lust.
The film is laid out in a stunning display that not many have attempted here, if at all.
I could detail all of the things that happen in this movie (and the scene where an old man jerking off to one of Tina's movies is surprised when the screen shatters and she's suddenly standing before him is brilliant, especially because he left his socks on!) or you could just watch it for yourself!
I cannot recommend this movie any higher.
Porn as Art, SL Style.
Ivori Faith.

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