Monday, 12 March 2012

'The Kiss' Movie Review by Serenity Juneberry

A review of ‘The Kiss’ by Serenity Juneberry which originally appeared on ‘The Pornstars’ blog. Reproduced in whole here. I wish to thank Serenity for this generous piece.

‘The Kiss
By Pixie Rain
There are a lot of opinions on just what or who is great, what should be happening or how things should be on the porn scene right now.
One uniting fact is everybody loves Pixie Rain!!!
One person’s art can differ from another. We all have the right to appreciate different movies but most of us can appreciate something quite special when it's put in front of us.
In the case of Pixie, most of us find ourselves completely absorbed by the amazing and highly imaginative imagery she captures.
It's quite ironic that somebody who does not even have both feet planted firmly in traditional porn has united so many on the scene and commands so much respect. Pixie gives us erotic artistic video, sometimes very hot, sometimes subtle, but always fitting and right.
A comment or compliment from Pixie on a movie I've produced it means so much - as I'm sure it does for others. I feel that sums up the esteem which she's regarded among fellow movie makers.
This is why it's very dangerous to bracket how things should be. If you have a talent to do what could be termed "emoting through video" to make the viewer really feel what's going on in front of them, no amount of dialogue or traditional story telling can top it.
I've watched almost hypnotized at times because all the elements blend and work so well. Nothing leaps out as wrong and breaks the spell even for a moment.
Pixie not only has the artistic eye needed to deliver us these special projects, she also has a huge amount of technical expertise which ensures her work looks pristine and high quality. As well as giving her an extra dimension through visual effects to further the experience and polish of her finished productions.
Anybody feeling they have gone as far as they can go in-world with capturing video and editing it should look at directors such as Pixie and see what other levels their work could be taken to by a visual effects or a post production phase.
If you can begin to master it like Pixie, you'll find it starts to shape your in world shoots, giving you total freedom to express yourself.
Blending art and technical skills can mean nothing is impossible.
There really is no limit to what we can achieve and capture filming in a virtual world. Imagination, amazing software available to all and new viewer enhancements are there for us all to use and explore.
Thankfully, Pixie embraces all this and always brightens up my screen.
Serenity Juneberry xx


  1. Thank you Pixie. That means a lot. :)

    It will always be a pleasure to throw the spotlight on to work such as this. I enjoy movies like this so much, i hope features like this can introduce them to others too.

    TY. xx