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Brains & Boobs: Colleen Photographs Debbie

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Recently, two friends whose work I have long admired were introduced to each other for a photographic glamour session.
The first of these ladies needs no introduction from me as she is already well known in the adult community – Colleen Criss.
Colleen’s photographs and machinima have deservedly graced the pages of THE PORNSTARS blog many times; her own popular blog and flickr page are good examples of how to steadily build up a solid respected body of work over time.
All the photographs on this blog-post were created by Colleen.
Colleen Criss
Colleen is also appreciated for her technical understanding of SL photography - advanced lighting techniques, the viewer itself and post-production.
As an admin of THE PORNSTARS group, Colleen can often be seen showing patience, restraint and tolerance in group chat as she helps handle some or another delicate and/or potentially explosive situation.
For this session, Colleen was the photographer.
Colleen Criss
The second of this glamorous couple is perhaps not as well known in the Second Life adult community. Indeed, this is her first session as a glamour model even after having being in SL for nearly six years! Her name is Debbie Trilling and, although not particularly well known within the adult community she certainly is in other SL communities!
For this session, Debbie would be Colleen’s model.
Debbie Trilling
Debbie was the Creative Director for some of the biggest live shows in SL, including artistic interpretations of Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ and Fritz Lang’s 1927 ‘Metropolis’, as well as producing over eighty mainstream machinima. For the last three years she was responsible for creating the climax of the ‘Burning Life’ festival in SL – the burning of ‘The Man’ itself - which occurs on the penultimate evening of the festival.
Debbie was one of the judges at last year’s THE SEXIEST adult machinima contest and it was from here that she started looking more closely at the adult art scene and appreciating the amount of creativity, talent and passion that the community possesses, and wanting to experience that for herself.
Debbie Trilling
Colleen’s photos of Debbie on this page are the outcome those desires.
Colleen and Debbie are recognised as experts in their respective fields. As you can see from their pictures on this blog-post they are both also gorgeous and beautiful. They prove that having brains and talent and being sexy are not mutually exclusive!
Debbie Trilling
Both Colleen and Debbie appear in the September 2012 edition of ‘Busted’ – a SL magazine dedicated to busty ladies and prim boobs. Colleen has a full spread with photographs by Kei Frequency which also appeared on THE PORNSTARS blog; Debbie appears in the ‘Around the Community’ section. I wonder how many like me would like to see her in a full shoot! However, unsurprisingly, I understand there is a long waiting list to appear in the magazine!
I must admit that, although I have seen the vendors around, ‘Busted’ is new to me and I read it for the first time after being sent this month’s edition. The Senior Editor, Maggie Bluxome, has gained a reputation for exacting standards and high quality. The magazine reflects this; it is easily of equal quality to most other magazines on the SL circuit and I’ll be reading regularly now from on even though I am not a prim boob wearer. I found the articles interesting and informative, the photographs stunningly attractive. In the September edition we also see photographic sessions from firm favourites Jeanne Sahara and Aliecia Lionheart, as well as Colleen, Kei and Maggie.
Colleen Criss
To finish off, I embed below a video of Debbie’s only solo performance in her Second Life artistic interpretation of ‘The Wall’, the aptly named “Dirty Woman”! (EDIT: this video is blocked by EMI in UK and so I have replaced with another from 'The Wall' performance).

See her YouTube for the whole one hour performance which climaxes with the large puppets of The Judge, The Mother, The Wife and The Teacher and a massive collapse of the wall itself.

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