Sunday, 30 June 2013

The Sum of Our Parts @ Nitroglobus

Is Happiness A Warm Gun - Alles Klaar
Last night I attended the opening of Alles Klaar’s and Kynne Llewellyn’s exhibition of photography at the Nitroglobus Gallery, owned by my friends Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard.
Actually, I was late to the opening. I got involved in a fun and funny IM and time just flew-by even though I’d had had the opening pencilled in all day. By the time it finally dawned on me that I was late, the region was already full – such is the popularity of Alles’ and Kynne’s work, and the Nitroglobus Gallery itself. It would be another 90mins before there was enough space on the region to squeeze in!
Hats In Art - Kynne Llewellyn
The exhibition, called ‘The Sum of Our Parts’, showcases some of Alles’ and Kynne’s extensive flickr collection, a sample of which can be seen here. The exhibition is so named according to Alles’ notes because “if you look at our work you will often see me in human form but with android arms, or Kynne in dolly form but in the most wonderfully glorious outfits.”
What I especially like about these photographs – apart from the obvious fact that they are superbly composed with fabulous avatars, outfits and attachments – is that each is a little vignette of a larger story. You are not told what events proceeded the image or what follows, but are given a momentary snapshot in time. It is analogous to opening a novel randomly and reading just one paragraph or page.
Two Dolls and a Troll - Alles Klaar
Kynne herself puts it well, “My images are just pictures …. a mood … a moment in time. I would love to be thought of as a visual storyteller and my pictures as illustrations to a children’s book… It is fascinating to hear what imaginative stores others come up with as they look at them.”
Sunday Afternoon - Kynne Llewellyn
Once again Dido and Nitro, artists in their own right as well as gallery curators, have put together a fine exhibition well worth the effort to visit.
The exhibition runs at Nitroglobus Gallery until the end of July. I highly recommend it, as well as viewing Alles’ and Kynne’s respective flickr accounts.
Pixie xx

Breathe Easy - Alles Klaar
Scissorhands - Kynne Llewellyn
The Enchanted Doll - Alles Klaar
Circus Roncalli - Kynne Llewellyn


  1. nicely written. Well done! And thank you for joining us at the opening party. Nitro

  2. Thanks so much for this, Pixie ... we were very glad that you were able to make it to the opening after the er, 90 minute wait!! ^^

  3. Hi Pixie ... thanks so much for this post! We were very glad that you were able to make it to the opening - sorry about the 90 minute delay though!! ^^