Saturday, 22 October 2011

Addicted to Lars

Regular readers will know that one of my first friends in Second Life was Lar Jun - owner of one of SL's most popular adult-themed venues, Old Lar's House (which, incidentally, is now listed by Linden Lab in their "Destinations" guide!).

As a noob to SL, Lar kindly took me under his wing - actually, he first took me under a bus shelter, but that's a slightly different story - and taught me many things.

If it wasn't for Lar, ZooZoo Mayne, Debbie Trilling, Dave Vellhi, Marcy Palmer-Baxton, Ferdy and a handful of others - all of whom I met at Lar's - then Pixie Rain Productions may well have never been. 

So now you know who to blame!

Last weekend I was asked by Lar, ZooZoo and Marcy to join along with the DJs in a Robert Palmer tribute night.

Lar's tribute nights are always a big laff!

I pressed <F9>, inserted a few default cross-transitions and released this footage under my "Not For The CV" production company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pixie Rain Productions but with plausible deniability!

Smile, enjoy. We did.