Monday, 3 October 2011

Burn2 2011 - The Man

I was pleased to be asked to produce the official photos for this year's 'The Man' exhibit.

These pictures will be used to promote this year's performance and be posted on the Burn2 web site. They are also circulated to other bloggers and members of the Press for use on their own sites.


For the third year running, 'The Man' has been created by the team of Debbie Trilling, Elfod Nemeth and Gypsy Paz on building and scripting, with Lorin Tone on sound effects.

2011 also sees Aleeta Zelin join the team with a very significant contribution to this year's new build.

'The Man' build comprise 800+ prims and is 71m high at its tallest point.

These pictures of the 2011 performance  were taken by Pixie Rain during rehearsals.


Man Burn 1:  Europe Burn
Gather:   SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 11:00am 
Burn:       SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 11:30am 

Man Burn 2:  USA Burn
Gather:   SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 7:00pm 
Burn:       SLT, Sat, Oct 8, 7:30pm 

Man Burn 3:  Aust/Asia Burn
Gather:   SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 3:00am
Burn:       SLT, Sun, Oct 9, 3:30am

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