Wednesday, 25 April 2012

MachinimUWA5: The Last Syllable of Recorded Time

The MachinimUWA5 movies are starting to be released in readiness for the deadline of 30th June and prize pool of L$725,000
I recently attended the premiere of Ambrosia Lanley’s ‘The Unveiling’ which I thought was very well done. Ambrosia invested over 400 hours of work over six weeks on this movie and her hard effort shows. My only “criticism” – if “criticism” is indeed the right word – is that I couldn’t really see the connection with the UWA5 theme of “Seeking Wisdom”. But please do not let that put you off watching it – the film commends itself in and of itself, irrespective of any reference to UWA5.
Over the next few weeks I’ll get around to watching all the UWA5 entries. I will embed here those which especially tweak my interest.
Confession time: Contrary to prior promises I may not be able to enter. Sorry but time is against me.
It could very well be then that the nearest I will get to “entering” UWA5 is my cameo appearances in Tutsy’s latest movie.
Tutsy Navarathna – as any regular reader of my humble blog will doubtless already know - was joint-winner of MachinimUWA3 and outright winner of UWA4.
Tutsy is certainly “the man to beat”, so to speak, in UWA5.
The Last Syllable of Recorded Time” was filmed at a number of regions in Second Life, including some scenes from when Tutsy and I visited ‘Daytime Dreams’ created by .::DoL::.. I have extensively blogged our experiences on that region here.
I am not going to go on too much about this movie but instead hope that you take the time to watch it. The one thing I would say about it – or rather, I am now the third to say it after Larkworthy Antfarm and Iono Allen – is that it uses an absolutely beautiful colour palette.
Tutsy’s delicacy of touch and deftness in post-production colour correction/management is I think more apparent in this film than any of his previous machinima.
I believe that this dexterity with colour is one of the four or five factors which mark out Tutsy’s machinima amongst others. In this film particularly Tutsy demonstrates that he is first and foremost an artist; an artist who just happens to be currently working in the media of machinima.
To really grok what Larkworthy, Iono and I are referring to you need to watch “The Last Syllable of Recorded Time” at 1080i but, regardless, you can still very much enjoy it at lesser resolutions.

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