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'The Gaggery' Presents...Doris the Nutri-Nutt™ Intern

The following is from a photoseries exhibition currently being held at 'The Gaggery' in Second Life®.
The Gaggery is a gallery space for fetish art featuring images, mixed media, machinima, performance and installations. It is part of a sim-wide adult RP community 'The Blacklist' on the Cataclysm region.
The Blacklist is a kinky hilltop town and cummunity featuring the Blacklist Bar and Club, Fetishista House and, of course, The Gaggery itself.
All welcome! Contact Luci Von Smörgås for details.

Doris the Nutri-Nutt™ Intern
Prof. Quimby Shackleton PhD

Nutri-Nutt™ was invented in 1973 by Professor Q. Shackleton PhD - the distinguished geographer, Rotarian, golfer, mountain climber and sperm donor.
He founded the Nutri-Nutt™ Corporation in 2010.
Nutri-Nutt™ is a multi-purpose product made by old men, according to an ancient recipe. It's a versatile face cream and makes for a tasty light snack.
Nutri-Nutt® Donors
Hundreds of old men are milked at Nutri-Nutt™ every day, to provide us with the raw ingredient for our range of products. 
The sperm of men over 50 has been scientifically proven* to have a number of health benefits including weight loss, breast enlargement and improved complexion - it can even boost IQ! 
We harvest seed in commercial quantities at the Nutri-Nutt™ factory - by machine, and also by hand...
* Source: The Wrinkly Plums Research Group
Doris the Intern

Nutri-Nutt™ runs a popular intern programme - and here is one of our newest interns, Doris Tenenbaum - on her first day!
Doris is keen to learn the business and is hoping that by getting a regular supply of Nutri-Nutt™ (all our employees and interns are provided with free samples!) that her acne will clear up.
Hello Doris! Welcome to the company! We’ll start you on the fast-track programme immediately...
There is work to be done, Doris!

No time for note-taking now, Doris- here come your first two 'donors' - there'll be time for asking more questions at your tea break in a few hours...
Manual Sperm Collection

Looks like these two are very keen - they appear to want to get started right here on the warehouse floor! 
That’s it, Doris, open wide and tell them how much you love it - these two hairy brutes will break you in...
The Fast-Track to Corporate Success!

Some of our donors prefer the manual method to help them dump nut - it may take longer, but results show that we attain a much larger yield.  These two old duffers are regulars and they like to spend a bit of time taking turns to pump a fresh, new intern, before they donate. 
That's it Doris, you're doing great!  Why don't you try sucking on that big chopper while you get fucked?  Then we'll show you how to milk them.
Advance Sperm Collecting

Use your mouth and hands to milk them, Doris - here they go!  Remember to catch as much as you can in your mouth and in your hands, and try saying something dirty to them as they ejaculate - that often makes them bring up more.
Make sure you properly clean out their tubes and drain their sacks - don’t leave any behind - a nice, big guzzling suck will get out that last bit.
Now it’s over to the collecting buckets...
Every sperm is sacred

Here's the collecting bucket the men ejaculate into before it gets poured into the processing vats.
You can spew the load you've harvested into here, Doris.  Don't spill any and watch out, it's coming out your nose!  Good job. 
At this rate you'll be on track for Employee of the Month!
It'll be time for your tea break soon, but first we'll show you the packing department, where we fill, label and box up the jars of Nutri-Nutt™ before shipment.
Nutri-Nutt - Shipped worldwide

After mixing and processing, the Nutri-Nutt™ gets jarred and then boxed up.
Doris appears to be a natural with heavy loads!

Our product is then shipped to stores worldwide - and even delivered direct, to some of our greedier mail order customers.
Nutri-Nutt™ - you can spread it on your face, use it as a body cream and even eat it!  That’s why millions of consumers around the world ‘start the day with a load’.
* Warning: Contains semen.  May become highly addictive.  Actual sperm count may vary between jars.  Terms and conditions apply.

Design & Layout: Nasty Puddlegum
Support, Development & Props: Doris Tenenbaum, Maybe Lisa, Emily Okelly, Pixie Rain, Professor Q. Shackleton PhD, Lar Jun
Exhibition Support: Luci von Smörgås and everyone at The Gaggery and the Cataclysm region

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  1. o/ Allo! Quite an interesting and in depth article. Not often one gets to see not only the founding story of one of the largest businesses in the world but also go behind the scenes to see the actual manufacturing process in action! Bravo! Now if only the Alphaville Herald paid this much attention to the finer details..