Monday, 30 July 2012

WarBug Correspondent: Annual Air Show

"WarBugs, huh? What are they good for?"

This weekend saw the WarBug Annual Air Show - Saturday for US pilots and groupies; Sunday for Europeans. The weekend was a collaboration between Arduenn Schwartzman and MadPea Productions.
 I was asked to be Official WarBug Correspondent, and like my heroine Kate Adie, I grappled the mantle with both hands and jumped in head first only to land on my feet and smelling of, if not roses exactly, then certainly nothing worst than aircraft fuel.
 Lots of people there - and a pleasure especially to see Bert Jedburgh and Alex Latino. Met some old friends and made some new friends. Laughed a lot!
This was a high-toned, good spirited event and competition and thanks to all the contestants for their sportsmanship and good humour!
 The 2012 WarBug Heroes.....
          - Alex Latino

          - Anthony964

          - Aodi

          - Bert Jedburg

          - Bixyl Shuftan

          - DaveDawgg

          - Eski Howlett

          - Grey Nacht

          - Kasya Sciavo

          - KeithWaterstone

          - Kingculex

          - Lil Delicioso

          - LoonyTic

          - Lucien Darkfold
          - Tianna Akiri
The US 'Battle of the Aces' was won by Kingculex, the Eurozone by Tianna Akiri.
You can go fly and dogfight in a Warbug plane by visiting Arduenn's Second Life region Black Forest - another fun and funny place to hang out.

Here is my short film as a memento of the weekend. My apologies for not being able to get all contestants into the film.
Best in 720!


  1. Love it! Great movie Pixie! Kai, Alex and myself became great fans of Warbugs, we love them and it is so much fun! Great video as usual and thanks to Arduenn for create this awesome invention! as well as we found great people in the event. Hope they keep continue doing these great airshows!

  2. There were two air shows. One Sunday and One Friday. Each airshow had a art show and battle of aces. I won the Battle of Aces on Friday and participated in the Battle of Aces on Sunday. Tianna won the battle of Aces on Sunday against me but did not participate in the Battle of Aces on Friday. I only participated in Sunday's Battle of Aces because there were not enough pilots. Both were great airshows with different winners of the art shows as well. Great movie Pixie and great job reporting the airshows. Also its Kingculex not Kingcluex.

  3. Congratulations to all Warbug Aces and upcomming Aces. I hope Warbug will develop into the main Second Life games without chnaging its basics....much fun :)