Saturday, 4 August 2012

UWA 3D & UWA V Grand Finale: $L1.3 Million Prize Pool

Tomorrow is the Grand Finale of this year's UWA 3D Art and Machinima competitions.
There have been ninety 3D Art entries (click here for details) and fifty-one machinima entries (click here for details). The standard is high in both categories.
The total prize pool is L$1,300,000 of which L$785,000 (approx. $3,400 USD) is for the machinima contest, split as follows:
·        1st Prize - L$140,000
·        2nd Prize - L$120,000
·        3rd Prize - L$100,000
·        4th Prize - L$70,000
·        5th Prize - L$55,000
·        6th to 10th Special Awards @ L$30,000 each
·        UWA Special Prize - L$100,000
·       Audience Participation Prize: Three prizes totalling L$20,000
·        Machinima Poster Prize: Three prizes totalling L$20,000
Very healthy!
Last year I came 2nd in the Audience Participation contest - a competition to predict the Top 10 machinima as would finally be decided by the judges. I didn't enter this contest this year for a number of reasons - but mainly time related.
My personal tips for a prize this year would be:
·        Tutsy Navarathna's 'The Syllable of Recorded Time'
·        Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan's 'Seek Wisdom'
·        Tikaf Viper's 'run RAM' (embedded below)
Now, it has to be said - I have not watched all the entries! But of those I have watched, these three stood out for me.
One thing that did occur to me while watching some of the entries was that, even more than last year, there were quite a number of films that *conceptually* were really very interesting. However, in my opinion the filmmaking/camera/editing was not able to do justice to the original concept. This is simply a matter of "technique and practice" and so I assume we'll see more rounded and polished machinima from these entrants in future years.
Having written the above, it would now be cowardice to avoid saying where I believe my own entry - 'Fwd: Evolution' - falls. Despite many encouraging and enthusiastic comments about this movie - including a dedicated thread on SLUniverse, no less -  having seen some of the other entries, I am unable to rank it in the Top 5. However, of those I have watched, I was in fact able to rank it in the Top 10. We'll see tomorrow!
The Grande Finale ceremony starts at 6am SLT, Sunday. But arrive in plenty of time to secure a place - it is strictly a 'first come, first served' affair!
There are three entrances:
Good luck to all, and give me a call if you see me!
Pixie xx

Tikaf Viper's 'run RAM'...

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