Sunday, 4 November 2012

'MetaSex' Nominated for MachinmaExpo 2012!

MetaSex’ and ‘The Last Syllable of Recorded Time’ by Tutsy Navarathna have both been selected as MachinimaExpo 2012 Jury Nominated films! They will go into competition against eight other films, with the results announced in mid-November.
As mentioned before, what is interesting and significant about the MachinimaExpo Jury Nominated competition is that film entries can come *from* any digital platform, not just Second Life. This year sees five entries from SL, three created using Moviestorm and two using iClone.
Here is the list of nominees and links to the films (where I have been able to find them).
- The Chapelside Deception by IceAxe (UK, Moviestorm)
- The Great Bug War by Damien Valentine (UK/US, Moviestorm)
- The Last Syllable of Recorded Time by Tutsy Navarathna (France/India, Second Life)
- Wulf and Eadwacer by Hypatia Pickens (US, Second Life)
- Parlant sans Languettes by Joe Zazulak (US, Second Life)
- MetaSex by Tutsy Navarathna (France/India, Second Life)
- The Four Gods of Folly by Hypatia Pickens (US, Second Life)
- Libre Arbitre by Olivier Romme (France, Moviestorm)
- Unfinished Paintings by Miron Lockett (US, iClone)
Over the next week I’ll get around to watching all ten films and, although I wish each entrant the very best, it is admittedly somewhat difficult for me to be anything but biased.
And on that confessional note, let us yet again take the time to immerse ourselves in the glorious light that is ‘MetaSex’ :

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