Wednesday, 27 June 2012

MachinimUWA V: 'Seek Wisdom'

"A new Art,
A new Social Vision,
A new relationship with Nature, to Feminism, to Ego.
All of these things are taking hold...
And not a moment too soon."
- "Fwd: Evolution", released 1st July 2012

I had intended watching all of the UWA5 entries and posting on this blog those which especially caught my attention.
 You may have noticed that, apart from Tutsy Navarathna's 'The Last Syllable of Recorded Time' which I wrote about in April, I haven't blogged any others.
The reason is simple. Once I decided to enter the competition myself, I just didn't have enough time to watch, review and blog others' films. There was also a fear of introducing an element of bias into my evaluations, as I would unlikely to be as detached as last year when I won 2nd place in the Audience Participation Top 10 contest by correctly forecasting eight of the top ten winning films from a pool of over 80 entries.
I will watch all of the films, but only once my own UWA 5 entry is released on 1st July 2012.
However, a UWA 5 entry has just been released that is so good that I was forced to break off finalising my own film, watch it a number of times and write-up this blog-post.
The machinima in question, "Seek Wisdom" by Natascha Randt and Karima Hoisan is stunning.
Sometimes I can read a passage in a book or a quote, or see a photo, drawing or oil, and think "Geez, I wish I had created that!" However, I can count on one hand the number of times that I have had a similar thought about a machinima.
Natascha and Karima's "Seek Wisdom" is one such time....
I have to close off quickly now and get back to work on my own film, but not before watching this wonderful machinima one more time.
It really has to be a serious contender this year....Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our machinima in your blog. This was a collaboration that was so much fun to do..We are pleased that you enjoyed the final results of our Costa Rica-Germany "connection'... for me, one of the best things SL offers..and competitions like the UWA inspire.