Tuesday, 26 June 2012

MachinimUWA V: Update

"To describe externals, you become a scientist.
To describe experience, you become an artist."
- Timothy Leary PhD (1920 - 1996)
Tim Deschanel is a Very Happy Man.
Tim is also a prolific photographer who has seemingly attended most all of the significant artistic events, installations and performances in Second Life since October 2007. His flickr consists of over 20,000 individually crafted photographs which document the creativity, individuality and ingenuity of the SL experience.
Dido Haas by Tim Deschanel
I was thrilled to see Tim had taken these pic's of me in my Rabbit Girl Porn Star persona while we were attending the opening of Dido Haas and Nitro Fireguard's new art gallery which exhibits their own work and, until the end of this month, the work of artist Dannyboyo.
Ordinarily I'd blog Dannyboyo's work in its own right, probably also cross-posting over at The Pornstars blog too for greater exposure. However, time pressures have prevented me from doing so, as I'll explain a little later.
Dannyboyo's work comprises of manipulating pornographic images to leave only abstract exaggerated shape and colour. Dannyboyo says, "the ... pieces retain the erotic quality of the original photo, but softened to a dreamlike, painterly state. For me, it brings new meaning." Well worth checking out.
Nitro Fireguard by Tim Deschnel
The reason I haven't blogged Dannyboyo's exhibition more fully is that I am up to my eyeballs working on my UWA "Seeking Wisdom" machinima entry, and have been for a few weeks now.
Sleep is suffering!
But, the film will be ready for the deadline!
It will be released publically on You Tube (and my blog here) sometime on Sunday 1st July.  However, on the evening of Saturday 30th June, Nasty Puddlegum is holding a small "premiere" over at his gaff for a few invited friends.

We'll screen the film and then applause, shout "WOW" and "AWESOME!", play "Woot!" and "Hooo!" gestures and otherwise congratulate each other in that over-sentimental, grossly emotional and vaguely embarrassing way that is a hallmark of Second Life social gatherings. It goes without saying that anyone refusing to participate in this traditional Second Life behaviour will be summarily ejected and banned.
If offered, don't eat the digestive biscuits.


  1. Thx sooo much Pixie for mentioning our Gallery!

  2. Nice blog :-)
    Thank you for posting my pictures ;-)