Saturday, 6 July 2013

Telegraph Pole of the Month - July 2013

At the beginning of every month Klute Coppola sends me a wonderful notecard jam-packed with landmarks to places she has discovered in Second Life during the previous few weeks. I really look forward to receiving it.
The landmarks include beautiful and distinctive regions, interesting and exciting stores and a general hotch-potch of worthy SL weirdness. The landmarks are often accompanied with cryptic comments like “Make sure you drink the green slime from the broken wishing well” or “Sit on the white warthog and shout ‘Ride My Piggy!’ in open chat”.
Sometimes she will deliberately tease me with comments like “mmmmm sexy telegraph pole” just to push my buttons!
As I worked through the landmarks, I landed at a region called Black Kite, owned by TheBlackCloud Oh (Cloudy Turbo). This is a lovely, tranquil and picturesque region with lots of enjoyable details – most notably the ability to rez and fly kites.
It was then I saw it...a telegraph pole with a street lamp appendage! I nearly cum!
Thanks Klute! 

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