Friday, 5 July 2013

Wishing You Were Here

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Thanks to Quan Lavender’s indispensable blog, I learnt of Solkide Auer’s Pink Floyd tribute installation on LEA17.
Solkide has spent three months creating various pieces celebrating the work of one of the most influential global bands of the last four decades.
In amongst the numerous individual installations you’ll see hat tips to The Wall, Animals, The Division Bell and of course The Dark Side of the Moon, as well as others.
When visiting this installation, it is essential that you have ‘Advanced Lighting Model’ selected in your Graphics Preferences. When you do, each individual piece and the venue itself become bathed in a sea of ever-changing vibrant colours.
Although it is easy enough to set a high draw distance and camera around at the work, the most fun way to experience Solkide’s LEA contribution is to sit on the big pink pig and be taken on a guided tour around the venue.

Most recommended!
Pixie xx 


  1. MERCI Pixie !!! Right now I'm online THERE because of you.
    I "dédicace" this moment to my dear Debbie Trilling ...


  2. Solkide Auer ... I knew I've heard about this name before ..... I was wandering @ Burning Life 2008 .... as I used to do each year .... and was thinking of M. C. ESCHER and hoping someone could make it in SL .... (as this RL ad slogan said : "you've dreamed about it, S..Y did it") when, randomly as usual .... I rezzed @ Solkide Auer Burning Life 2008 spot .... Solkide DIT IT ... ESCHER in SL WOOOOW !!

    2008,like a good wine year, has been a memorable year ....