Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Further Adventures of Pixie Miku: Frost #1

Frost is a simply beautiful and breathtaking region. It is developed on (at least) three different levels.

For me, it ranks alongside Mad Ninjaz as one of my favorite regions in Second Life.

Tutsy Navarathna  and I spent a goodly amount of time exploring, taking snapshots, filming and generally enjoying the creativity and artistry of it all.

You arrive at 1000m in a small log cabin. Resist the temptation to click one of the teleports but, instead, leave the cabin and make your way down the broken-down wooden walkway.

Admire the delicacy of the snow upon the trees, the luminosity of the Aurora Borealis, the light pale-pink-lilac tinge of the windlight settings....

At the end of the wooden walkway, the land opens to a beautiful snow-covered plateau. A store, discretely placed and in keeping with the ambiance of the area,  sells many of the trees and other foliage used in the region. I brought some frost-covered rabbit grass for Simon, Vellhi and Orwell.

After immersing yourself in this wonderful area of the region, teleport down to the next level where the frost starts to lift and Spring time returns...

Another blog on Frost, with more snapshops and the tale of a strange fellow called 'Soup',  to follow....


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