Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Staying at Home, Watch a Movie

Barry Lubezki's 'The Keyhole Club' is the place to go to watch my films in-world. The underground cinema there shows my films exclusively 24/7.

Sometimes, however, you just wanna stay at home and watch a movie. Fortunately my SL home is equipped with a cinema screen that shows only 'Pixie Rain Productions'!

Watching films at my home is by invite only. Invitee brings the popcorn.

I invited tutsy over to my place for a night of fine cinema and gourmet baked beans! Heinz, no less.

With him now dutifully trapped in my Gypsy Lair, I could make him watch whatever I wanted!

This is tutsy's photo diary of the evening...

 Thanks tutsy! Glad you enjoyed!

Next time let's watch....PsychoKiller!

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