Friday, 3 June 2011

Retropolis and ColeMarie Soleil

ColeMarie Soleil IM'd with a recommendaton to explore a sim called "Retropolis"

Retropolis was fun and enjoyable but quite difficult to navigate (deliberately so, it should be said). It has quite a few hidden surprises and a very tricky maze!

ColeMaria (CoMa) is both a prolific machinima maker and a noted singer/musician. In both these disciplines she has forged herself a distinctive and recognisible style.

I first met her at Bryn Oh's exhibit for Burning Life 2010 where we chatted briefly. We met again recently at Rob Danton's screening of 'Me and My Avatar' .

CoMa's work and YouTube channel are always worth checking out; her individuality, creativity and uniqueness are inspirational.

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