Sunday, 26 June 2011

Iono Allen & SL Adult Filmmaking

Iono Allen is a French machinima maker who is respected not only for his own work but also for his appreciation of others’ work. He is down-to-earth, friendly and very approachable.

Iono was the winner of the Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Award 2010 for his wonderfully atmospheric “A Question of Honour” (embedded below).

Within the machinima community, Iono is also respected for his measured and balanced views of others’ work. If Iono calls a particular work “great” or “beautiful” then you can pretty much guarantee that it is!

Iono has watched all of my films – either on NaughtyMachinima, on my own blog or in-world and was pleasingly complimentary about them, especially the later films.

In one of his own upcoming films he intends having a love-making scene and asked me to provide a few URLs of SL adult films so that he can not only see how it is best done but also learn what else is happening in the SL adult machinima scene.

The three films I selected are:

'The Executive Encounter' by Deelite Zenovka & Rysan Falls

'Summer Wine' by Quinn Ying

'Pandora's Box' by Arwen and Serenity Juneberry

There are plenty of other films I could have selected but I chose these because I feel that taken as a whole they demonstrate good quality film making, good post-production, good story telling, the willingness to be experimental and evolve – both technically and aesthetically – and also show artistic and creative ability.

I believe they support my view that SL adult filmmakers could very well become a force to reckon with in the next few years and that we will naturally earn the right to be screened at UWA, MMIF and other such SL machinima events.

Enjoy Iono Allen's "A Question of Honour"...

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