Sunday, 17 July 2011

Claudia's Magnificent Jewells

When you stand to admire claudia222 Jewell's magnificent 3D sculptures, you are immediately aware of the numerous and diverse influences that pervade the work.

You sense India and the Far East, you perceive Lovecraft and Poe, you recognise the reptile-like textures, the leviathan-like sea monsters, the insect-like creatures, the lotus-inspired flowers and the pod-like plants.

You intuitively discern that there are also many other influences within the work of which you will never be aware of.

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But, more than any of this, you understand at a deep level that once these diverse influences have been digested, processed and added to within the consciousness of such a talented artist as Claudia, that the resulting sculpture is unique and original - a piece in its own right.

In short, each item manifests itself as a genuine "claudia222 Jewel".

Claudia creates 3-dimensional worlds and invites you to enter.

By accepting her invitation, you agree to enter a world of curious fantasy and enquiring dreams, of ascent perfumed by a haunting fear, of memorable beauty tainted by a exquisite dread. 

Claudia's work is the Unconscious Made Manifest.

I visited two of Claudia's exhibitions:

I spent hours looking at these two exhibitions, on a number of different visits, and enjoyed every moment.

Each of the exhibitions has strange flying creatures that you can jump on board to travel.

It was fun exploring the very friendly and welcoming Hobo sim this way. Be sure to stop off at the circus tent to see the acrobatic elephant, the fearless rabbit and to pick up a free pair of stilts from Heb Dexler.

It seems to me that the 3D virtual environment offered by Second Life would be an almost ideal canvas for artists such as Claudia.

I am, however, acutely aware that the 2D images I have posted on this blog - despite my working them with 3D lighting and cameras in After Effects - absolutely do not do justice to Claudia's work. Claudia herself has posted pictures of her work here and doubtless this is a better place to see 2D images.

Nevertheless, I think it is fair to say that to fully appreciate what Claudia has created, one does indeed need to go visit the work in-world.

Failing that, this video 'Visions' by Gaia Clary does a damn good job imo...

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