Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Seeks Actress Opportunities

I rarely appear in others' films. Not out of any kind of high-minded principle but simply because I rarely ever get asked !

You can imagine how thrilled I was therefore when well-known SL photographer Phillip Sidek IM'd out-of-the-blue one Sunday morning asking to film a short video portrait of me.

Just as I was thinking "It doesn't get any better than this!" why, Tutsy Navarathna - this year's joint-winner of the UWAIII machinima contest - surprises me with "I have made a short fun film of you, Pixie".

Tutsy's film is shot wholly on my beautiful and selfishly lag-free home sim. The "Pile of Leaves" were created by the incredible Pandora Wrigglesworth, the realistic bonfire in the background and massive rainbow created by Debbie Trilling and the amazing Guantanamo Bay sculpture (used in my 'Personal Jesus' film) by Igor Ballyhoo. Oh, and I made the sign board textures, fed the rabbits, watered the flowers, oiled the spy machine, tickled the creature and fucked in the sex bed.

So, here is "Tutsy Plays With Pixie" for your viewing delight....

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