Saturday, 23 July 2011

The Spirit of The Looking Glass

Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee have created a beautifully detailed full-sim build - 'The Looking Glass'.

To the Looking-Glass world it was Alice that said
"I've a sceptre in hand, I've a crown on my head.
Let the Looking-Glass creatures, whatever they be
Come dine with the Red Queen, the White Queen and Me!"

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Before I film or take pictures at any sim, I almost always remember to check the Covenant to see if there is any 'snapshot' or 'machinima' policy in place. There very rarely is.

However, such a policy is in place at 'The Looking Glass'. The policy seems fair. It protects the creators' interests and the creations themselves while simultaneously allowing others to enjoy the work and feed off of it.

And you will want to take snapshots or create artistic photographs; you will want to film or make machinima.

The urge to do so is just irresistible, as I hope this blog demonstrates.

Whether you are exploring the underground sewer network...

... or admiring the many different and beautiful forms of plants, grasses and foliage...

... what strikes you at each and every turn is how detailed and lovingly crafted Sharni's and Marcus's creations are.

Even the layout of the sim itself seems as carefully planned as a small town:

Look at the next picture, as one of many possible examples...

Not only is the ambiance and atmosphere "just right" but so are the proportions and the sizing, the colouring and the blemishes, the placement and the patterns.

The mirror's surface is textured such that it "reflects" the wall opposite but, even more so, let me draw your attention to the external surface of the bath tub....look at how its shiny surface is textured to "reflect" the bathroom floor tiles.

Astonishing and wonderful.

Whilst it is true that the individual pieces are superb and the resulting sim-wide build magnificent, what makes 'The Looking Glass' particularly special, in my opinion, is how it makes you feel.

Let me try and explain what I mean.

Just as Louis Carroll's 'Wonderland' only becomes vibrant and fascinating to us once Alice falls down the rabbit hole, 'The Looking Glass' comes alive with human interaction.

It is the difference between a dusty museum with each exhibit carefully protected behind glass cabinets and an exciting, stimulating venue where touching, holding and playing are encouraged and promoted.

It is the spirit of 'The Looking Glass' that motivates you to explore, look, search and enjoy. 

It is a place to go alone or with a friend or with a lover.

But in all these cases it is a place that thrives on the human spirit because it is derived from the very best of the human spirit.

This interaction is palpable.

Of the different places to explore, my personal favorite is the abandoned theatre. 

"Born for the stage, that one is" my Uncle JimBob used to say of me.

"Aye", Father replied, striking a Swan Vesta to re-ignite the damp musky tobacco in his pipe, "and happen she'll die in a Mental Hospital !"

They both nod sagely.

Again, the feel here is "just right". Not overdone or strained. Everything is just lovingly crafted.

'The Looking Glass' is perfect for the photographer and the filmmaker. It is a delight for the lone explorer; it is a joy for lovers and friends.

My trip to 'The Looking Glass' moved me to do something I very rarely do - make a spontaneous film. Usually, I pore over each frame numerous times, constantly adjusting and tweaking; forever editing.

This film is unedited and is "as-is". I think it conveys well how I felt at the end of my trip to 'The Looking Glass'. Even through technically it is a "warts and all" production, it is emotionally accurate. 

The Spirit of 'The Looking Glass' motivated and moved me.

I hope it does you, too.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderfull scoop here, Pixie.. I just wonder how you manage to find such wonderfull places all over.
    And the pictures are wonerfull crafted as well.
    Thanks a lot, i will have to take a look at the looking as soon as possible.