Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Thinis - Apocalyptic Nightmare; Photographer's Dream

Thinis is an adult roleplay sim that officially opened today, 5th July.

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I have filmed a few scenes of my forthcoming adult machinima "Rapture" there.

Thinis is based around the apocalypic ruins of the Vegas strip. Full background story and other roleplay information will be found on the official website.

You arrive at approx. 880m. After reading the rules and collecting various artifacts, tp to the ruins of The Strip at ground level.

Thinis looks incredible.

I found that the higher the draw distance the richer the visual experience. I also advise ramping up the Object Mesh Detail ("rendervolumeLODFactor") for photography as this makes a considerable difference.

For these pictures, I used:

Firestorm-Beta 2.5.1 Viewer
Windlight "[TOR]Sunset Warmer"
Ultra @ 1024 with Sun/Moon Shadows
Object Mesh Detail = 8.0

More pictures of this fabulous sim after the break:

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