Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Home is Where The Heart Is

Released today, Tutsy Navarathna's latest machinima 'There's No Place Like Home' consolidates his position as Second Life's premier artistic film maker.

It is a demonstration of mastery of technique, of vision and of imagination.

You think I am biased? Maybe I am. I am Tutsy's biggest fan. Incidentally, I am but one of many who make that very same claim.

You think my opinion is prejudiced because I happen to have a role in this film? Perhaps you are right.

But, in spite of my bias and my prejudice, those statements  remain true. See for yourself.

'There's No Place Like Home' is best viewed in full screen 1080p on YouTube . However, due to the limitations of this blog, the version embedded below is only 480p.


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