Tuesday, 15 November 2011

UWA IV: $L20,000 Audience Participation Event

Tutsy Navarathna Joint-Winner UWA III - Photo by PJ Trenton
MachinimUWA IV has attracted over 80 entries. Pretty impressive!

$L20,000 prize pool has been allocated to the three audience members who most closely decide the order of the top ten finalists as decided by the judging panel.

Simply email your top ten to jayjayaustralia@hotmail.com or drop a notecard on Jayjay Zifanwe in-world.

Here is my personal Top 10 (listed alphabetically by film name)  Two of the entries have already been posted on this blog:
1. Tutsy Navarathna's Welcome to the Other Side (which I am proud to appear in!) 
2. Iono Allen's Virtual Love.

I believe each one of the machinima listed below have something valuable to offer - for learning from and for improving our own work.

All are definitely worth watching, if only because they are good films!

What order I finally rank the ten will forever remain a secret between JayJay & I!

Before I get to my list, I especially wanted to draw your attention to the entry from Nina Camplin (Fuschia Nightfire in Second Life). It is both unique and stunning.

Nina is a mural artist from the UK. Her UWA IV entry had her deconstruct "the art of the artists" and reconstruct them into RL paintings. She filmed the painting process as it progressed and used the footage to create this truly amazing machinima.

If you decide to watch only one of the eighty entries, then this is the one I would recommend. The soundtrack, incidentally, features  the singing voice of CoMa whom we blogged in June 2011.

My Top Ten (Alphabetical by Film Name)

Good luck to all contestants!

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