Wednesday, 25 January 2012

THE SEXIEST® - The Judges Unveiled!

I have great pleasure in introducing you to the fourteen individuals that comprise the judging panel for this year’s THE SEXIEST® adult machinima contest.
Each of the judges are authorities in their own field and have selflessly donated their time, experience and knowledge into making this contest both fair and fun.
I would like to sincerely thank them for their contributions. I am proud and honoured to be on their Friends List.

Aspen Huntress (b. 22nd Feb 2010) is a Second Life photographer whose work is widely admired and respected.
Her talent and aesthetic sensibilities shine through in every picture she publishes.
Aspen is passionate and creative – and sometimes stubborn and obstinate – but always in her work we see a soul seeking expression through her chosen medium.
Aspen is pleased to report that she is feeling much better, and is optimistic for a full recovery, since the permanent restraining order was placed on Spunky Puddlegum.

Barry Lubezki (b. 3rd Jan 2007) is the creator and owner of the ever-popular ‘The Keyhole Club’.
Barry noticed how people in Second Life loved to watch others having sex and so at first created a live sex theatre.
In September 2008 he came up with the idea of a club designed and built especially for voyeurs and exhibitionists – the aptly named ‘The Keyhole Club’.
It was at the Keyhole that Barry opened Second Life’s first cinema dedicated to machinima pornography – ‘The Keyhole Cinema’ - in 2009.
Today, ‘The Keyhole Club’ attracts many thousands of people, all wanting to watch others or be watched.
And they all still visit the venue’s cinema because, as Bobo Puddlegum is fond of saying, “nobody can resist a good, hot movie!”

Bazz Soulstar (b. 4th Nov 2009) leads a double-life as a respected pillar of society and an absolute sexual pervert, in approximately equal measure.
Although Bazz has often been called a chameleon, he would rather be thought of as a kaleidoscope.
After a mind-expanding experience involving a nylon sock, a pair of maracas, a tuning fork and a small satsuma, Bazz is much more relaxed about life.
He has always been open and liberally minded and does not care much for censorship, other than that needed to protect children.
Bazz enjoys watching and reading pornography.
He considers 'The Grande Bouffe' and 'Fritz the Cat', two films he watched as a young man, as being instrumental in his development of enjoying erotic and unusual pornography.
Bazz Soulstar was so impressed with Bobo Puddlegum’s Remmington Fleshlight, he brought the company.

Trained by his cousins Solok and Nasty to be a performer at the Albanian State Circus, Bobo Puddlegum (b. 6th May 2010) has variously been employed as an acrobat, human cannon ball, clown, elephant tamer and pickpocket.
Bobo, always the womaniser, was honoured to be presented with the coveted “Playmate Midget of the Month” award.
Bobo lists his hobbies and interests as dancing, baking, knitting, embroidery, sailing, spanking and anal fingering.
He’ll often he found touring adult venues in Second Life while chewing on a pair of stolen knickers.

Debbie Trilling (b. 16th Oct 2006) is a Creative Director involved in some of the biggest shows to have been staged in Second Life, including ‘The Wall’ and ‘Metropolis’.
For the last three years, she has led the team responsible for the climax of Second Life’s annual ‘Burning Life’ festival, the actual burning of ‘The Man’ itself.
Debbie has produced 80+ videos documenting her own and other 3D artists’ work in Second Life and other virtual worlds.
Her IM’s never get capped.
Debbie has asked that we do not reveal that she has a number of the Puddlegum family on her Friends List. We feel honour-bound to respect that request.

Ever enthusiastic about the creative possibilities inherent within Second Life, Ferdy (b. 9th Mar 2007) is owner of ‘The Village Café’ - a folk and world music venue that is especially welcoming to the transgender community.
The Village Café is inspired by early 1960s Greenwich Village, NYC.
Ferdy is Nasty Puddlegum’s favourite lover. Bobo fancies her too. And Solok. Even Spunky, for that matter.

Iono Allen (b. 24th June 2007) is a machinima film maker working from Paris, France.
Respected in the SL art community for his enthusiasm but balanced, honest encouragement, Iono has filmed numerous other artists’ work to great effect, as well as create his own movie stories.
Iono was winner of the 2010 Hosoi Ichiba Machinima Award and recently was awarded joint-fourth place in the prestigious MachinimUWA IV awards.
Iono has confirmed that he is now willing to collaborate on a future film project with Nasty Puddlegum after Nasty offered him a horse’s head that was impossible to refuse.

Lar Jun (b. 26th Jun 2007) is owner of the immensely popular ‘Old Lar’s House’, one of the few adult venues to be listed in Linden Lab’s ‘Destinations’.
Lar is most often described as a kindly, humorous, benevolent senior citizen and, in fact, is seen by many as being the perfick roll model.
He also has an enviable and deserved reputation as a babe magnet.
Lar is partnered to Marcy Palmer – rumoured to be able to tie knots in spaghetti with her tongue. Even in his senior years, Lar continues to enjoy excellent hand-to-knee co-ordination.
His hobbies include upskirt photography, drooling and drinking copious amounts of Budweiser. He is a regular contributor to ‘Face Sitting Weekly’.
Court records prove that he has had close business ties with the notorious Puddlegum Family as far back as 1964.

Although ‘WarmAnimations Lisa’ was born on 6th February 2010, her player’s experience as a virtual world entrepreneur actually began three years previously with the creation of two major projects for RL companies with a presence in SL.
After these projects were successfully concluded, and sensing an increasing demand for high quality clothes, she started to provide clothing templates to high-end branded virtual stores.
In 2009 she developed her virtual skills even further by creating animations - leading to the well-known and respected brand ‘Warm Animations’.
Lisa is still as eager as ever to improve and supply the best and most unique animations on the market and fully dedicates herself to developing and improving of the products.
Bobo Puddlegum has found 101 uses for Lisa’s best-selling ‘Dirty Sex Rug’; 102 if you also include using it for dirty sex.

Octavian Venera  (b. 2nd Nov 2006) has been an SL photographer for over five years.
He specialises in portraiture and erotica. His work is defined by its studious attention to detail and a clean, unfiltered composition.
His work is on display at the ‘SiLK Gallery, open to the public.
Octavian considers each completed photograph as a small victory in creating beauty. He is fascinated by the process of meeting models that have managed to create their own individual look, and then capturing their unique beauty in a photograph.
Octavian rejected Spunky Puddlegum’s job application to be employed as a camera tripod. He did, however, once employ Bobo as a stand-in fluffer and underwear scrubber.

Paddledog v3.0 (b. 26th July 2007) is the latest release from Puddlegum Innovations.
Paddledog v3.0 represents a quantum improvement in usability and interactivity over all previous Paddledogs.
Key to this improvement is the patented integration of Random Chaotic Strange Attractor (RCSA) subroutines.
Lazy Buddhism’, ‘Exuberant Taoism’, ‘Soft Nietzschean’ and the ever-popular ‘Sacred Secularist’ modules are installed as standard.
To fully enjoy Paddledog v3.0 to her fullest, you will need the following minimum system requirements:
·        CPU Clock Speed: 120 IQ or above
·        Irony, Wit and Humour indexes in the 90th Percentile
A demonstration video of a fully functioning Paddledog v3.0 can be seen here.

Phillip Sidek (b. 6th Dec 2006) was born to parents Adam and Eva on a cold, rainy and moonless November night sometime in the early 1940s, as the family fled from Nazi persecution.
Exact details of Phillip’s birth place and date, and all attendant public records, have long been lost but the family solicitor has refused to deny rumours about a certain lowly cattle shed in Palestine.
His mother Eva was a beautiful, highly educated woman with an independent income as a respected piano teacher. Village gossip concerning an alleged long-term love affair with Solok Puddlegum in 1940/41 is almost certainly untrue. However, Eva has never satisfactorily explained how traces of Solok’s contaminated semen were found on her favourite blue dress or in her hair.
Phillip’s father, Adam Sidek III, was a dark, sinister and shadowy character. It is a documented fact that Adam had numerous affairs with the both the house maids and Phillip’s nannies.  An uncorked bottle of ‘Mother’s Ruin’ was always left on a shelf in the kitchen pantry for the female staff to gulp as necessary.
Phillip was Adam and Eva’s only child together. He was principally raised by several caring but very strict nannies. None of them ever spared the rod, nor spoilt the child.
Phillip did, however, have the benefit of private home tuition and the privilege of a University education. He majored in both economics and cosmetic plastic surgery at Prague University in 1964.
Phillip discovered his love for photography during a guided tour of Prague mortuary in 1965. It was here that he met his future wife, Pearl Kira-Sidek, as she ably assisted the coroner in an autopsy on a murder investigation.
Pearl and Phillip married quickly with Phillip photographing every sweet moment of their blossoming love. Pearl, however, found she could not accept Phillip’s extreme sexual appetite or his increasingly intense interest in fetish photography.
Divorce soon followed but not before Phillip had transformed Pearl from a humble mortuary technician to a top-class photographic model, and part-time escort.
Phillip has never had any children of his own, mainly due to his penchant for anal penetration.

Pixie Rain (b. 13th Feb 2010) - who by some freaky genetic accident is in fact the daughter of Solok *and* Nasty *and* Spunky *and* Bobo Puddlegum - is a digital artist who only gained a University place by sleeping with her college lecturer.
Pixie uses Second Life to practice film making techniques and experiment with artistic concepts that cannot easily be translated into RL films.
Straddling the dual worlds of SL art and SL pornography, Pixie’s combination of sexuality, visual aesthetics and quirky humour result in her unique and distinctive variety of adult-erotic machinima which, much to her surprise and delight, many people seem to enjoy.
Four of her films were nominated in different categories at last year’s THE SEXIEST® adult machinima contest, with one win. This year, however, Pixie was asked to be head of the jury panel and therefore, naturally, none of her films have been entered.
Pixie Rain has a complex personality – she has an oral fixation but cannot resist crunching down on hard-boiled sweets; a protestant work ethic but detests anal sex; takes pleasure in having penis envy but cannot stand dicks.
She has never had a latency period.

Tutsy Navarathna (b. 21st May 2008) is one of the foremost filmmakers working in Second Life today.
A French artist currently residing in Southern India, Tutsy was one of the original pioneers of experimental and avant-garde video in the 1980s and ‘90s.
His work has always explored that nebulous boundary line between the imagination and reality. His SL machinima continues to investigate this realm by seamlessly merging RL and SL footage.
Joint-winner of the prestigious MachinimUWA III award, outright winner of MachinimUWA IV and 1st runner-up of the influential international Machinima Expo 2011 awards, Tutsy’s films are a master-class in technique, composition, imagination, story-telling and simple artistic talent.
Although Tutsy confesses to having met Bobo and Nasty Puddlegum in the gentlemen’s lavatories at Gare de Lyon train station, he swears he didn’t inhale.

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