Saturday, 7 January 2012

Meet the New Boss, Same As The Old Boss!

Lar Jun
One House; Two Doors!
Today, DJ Peris kicked off the opening of the new ‘Old Lar’s House’ venue.
The new venue spans two sims which means more people can now enter – up to 80 at once!
Months in the planning, the new venue opened at only 15 minutes notice. Five minutes after Opening, the first sim was full to the brim – within an hour, 70 people were bopping away.
(click to enlarge)
There is a landing zone on each sim. If you try one entrance and find it full, simply use the landmark for the second entrance! One House; Two Doors!
The new venue looks exactly like the old one, and retains the same ambience and *feel*, but it is bigger and more “airy”. I like it.
Also, the new venue has its own fast food concession run by Nasty and Bobo Puddlegum, no less! From personal experience, I can not recommend the House Special. Or the Clam Surprise, for that matter.
The Bearded Clam
Old Lars recently celebrated its 2nd Anniversary and registered as the #23 most popular venue in Second Life for December 2011.
Lar has also been sponsoring my films since my very earliest days in SL. I am happy and proud to count Lar, and many of the regulars at Lar’s, amongst my friends.
Come on over, say ‘Hi’ and have a laugh!
Pixie xx

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