Saturday, 24 December 2011

There's Not Enough Boobs in the World for Peris Ashton!

DJ Peris Ashton - "I'm a Boob Man, myself"

Yesterday, ever-popular rock and blues DJ Peris Ashton decided to throw a spontaneous “Best Boobs” contest at Old Lar’s House.
Much to Solok’s Puddlegum's disgust - but everybody else's relief - Peris made it a “Ladies Only” competition.
The Gentleman of Old Lar’s (and I use the word “gentleman” both loosely and under advisement of a lawyer) chipped together to form a linden prize pool of 2000 Space Bux!
(click to images to enlarge)
It was seriously good fun with lots of jolly laughter, light-hearted banter and bouncing boobies!
Sadly however, in a competition of this sort there can only be two winners....and those winners belonged to the lovely Xio Nyoki!
Enjoy these pictures of Xio and her prize winning assets - Peris did!

DJ Peris entertains Old Lar's patrons weekdays and Saturday at 5am SLT onwards. Come see & listen!
Pixie xx


  1. I want to thank everyone who voted for me. MWAH, big kisses XOX........Xio Nyoki

  2. Damn I missed this! Argh. Peris is the best DJ - and Lars' place is so much fun. I'll be there too sooon.

  3. Sorry I missed this one! I woulda entered too lol. Peris is the best, and addicted to boobies lol.