Monday, 5 December 2011

THE SEXIEST® Film Awards 2011 - Judging Panel

THE SEXIEST® Film Awards 2011 officially kicked-off yesterday.
This is Second Life’s most respected machinima contest for adult, sexual and/or erotic content.
Last year four of my films were nominated for awards and ‘Sex With Strangers’ ended up taking the ‘Best Special Effects’ award.
This year however, I have been asked to Chair the Judging Panel – see the public announcement here.
As Chair of the Judging Panel my duties include forming a suitable panel of judges, organising a scoring regime, acting as a communication point for the organisers of the competition and ensuring fair play.
It is important to realise that under the normal course of things I do not  vote  - except in the highly unlikely event that there is a tie for first place in a particular category, in which case I have the casting vote.
The names of the actual judges will be kept under wraps until the award ceremony – 28 January 2012. Until that time, only I know who is judging the competition – even the organisers will not be told. Furthermore, even the judges do not know who else is on the panel.
It goes without saying that none of my films will be entered into the competition.
I give my word that I will do my very utmost to ensure a fair competition and that all entries get a fair and equal hearing.
Only remains for me to wish everyone the best of luck!
Pixie xx

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