Friday, 16 December 2011

Rabbits Are People Too

“…and the rabbits sang as if every sparkling drop of morning dew were a fountain of inspiration to them...

- The Pickwick Papers (1836), Charles Dickens

Simon on her Hatch Day, 365 days ago

Today, Simon - my oldest rabbit - has her 365th Rez Day !
As I have explained before, whereas human avatars have one Rez Day per year, virtual rabbits have one Rez Day per day.
It's just another one of those Marvellous Mysteries of the Metaverse.
Celebration Carrot Cakes

In this transient, changeable and fickle world that is Second Life, not many rabbits actually make it to their 365th Rez Day – geez, very few human avatars even make it to their 1st Rez Day if retention figures are anything to go by!
So it really is quite a feat that Simon has survived so long! A good reason indeed to celebrate - especially after her difficult early life.
You see, Simon has certain gender issues that she would rather we didn’t discuss publicly.  She is a very sensitive rabbit; a buck trapped in the body of a doe.
Suffice it to say that she would rather we didn't address her by her real birth name, 'Simone'.
"Call me Simon"

Vellhi hatched two days after Simon.
Vellhi is always happy! Doesn't matter what happens, he is *always* happy!
How cool is that?
Well, actually, not very cool at all.
I am sad to report that a leading pet psychologist recently diagnosed Vellhi as suffering from Chronic Obsessive Happiness Disorder.
Watching him is like watching a clown perform at your grandma's wake - you know it is *intended* to cheer you up - but it is such singularly inappropriate behaviour that is just doesn't!
Vellhi - Catastrophically Happy

My youngest rabbit is Orwell - named after George Orwell and Orson Welles.
He is a nasty piece of work, a real evil buggar. He likes to call himself 'Napoleon'.
He taunts my other rabbits mercilessly: "If you're a buck, then why dontcha got a willy? Huh?", he will say. And things like, "Keep taking your pills, Happy Boy!"
Today he even threatened to bite off Tutsy's face!
Orwell - No one ever has a good word to say about him

In April 2011, Orwell got himself in trouble with The Authorities for faking his own death to try and claim the insurance money.
Because it was his first offence (that they were aware of), the police let him off with a caution. One of their friendly councillors gave him a donut and told him to stick more closely to church related social activities.
Orwell - Notorious Death Faker (April 2011)

Each of my rabbits has its own foibles and quirks, its own weaknesses and strengths, its own vulnerabilities.
And I love each one of them for who they are.
Because each of them is an individual.
In that respect at least, rabbits are people too.

Pixie xx

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