Friday, 2 December 2011

Miss July 2012

Glasz DeCuir is the curator of the AviewTVMachinima Poster Archive – a permanent in-world exhibition where you can watch numerous machinima from many of the top film makers working in Second Life.

It is a very professional set up and I will blog about it more fully soon (after I have finished my bloody homework - it's ten past midnight already!)
Three of my films – ‘Rapture’, ‘Showdown’ and ‘Sex With Strangers’ – have been chosen to be the very first films to be screened in a brand new  permanent “NSFW/Erotic” section of the exhibition, currently under construction.
Not only that but Glasz has also created 2012 in-world calendars (pictured above) – each page of a calender displays a different Second Life machinima poster. My 'Rapture' movie poster has been selected for the ‘July’ page!
At the in-world exhibition, you click on the movie poster and the machinima itself is played in-world using media-on-a-prim.
There are scores of machinima to choose from - something for every mood.
The machinima are initially uploaded to and hosted on a site called Aview TV co-owned by LaPiscean Liberty.

The machinima are also viewable from this web site as well as in-world.

To accommodate the three films I uploaded, a new "Erotic - Adult" category was specially created.
The movie posters for all machinima in the exhibition can seen on a flickr group and are also separately displayed on a machinima poster blog.  


  1. This is awesome Pixie! Congrats :D

  2. Thank you very much for sending us your movie posters, Pixie :)
    and thanks a lot for this post. You are very welcome!