Thursday, 8 December 2011

MachinimUWA IV - Award Ceremony

Sunday 6am SLT is the MachinimaUWA IV Grand Finale Awards Ceremony.
It is a RSVP event and I will be attending as Tutsy Navarathna’s guest.
Tutsy’s “A Journey into the Metaverse” was joint-winner of MachinimaUWA III before then going on the take second place at MachinExpo 2011.
As Chair of the Judging Panel for THE SEXIEST® adult machinima contest, I must be demonstratively impartial and unbiased in that particular competition. This is obvious, stands to reason and is only right and proper.
However, as an audience member for MachinimaUWA, I can be as biased, prejudiced, unfair, partisan and opinionated as I blooming well want!
So, even though the competition for IV is very very tough this round, I’ll be getting right behind Tutsy’s entry - “Welcome to the Other Side” -  which I am delighted to have appeared in.
Come Sunday night, I will be dressed in my favourite Cheerleader outfit, waving my pom-poms in JayJay’s face and charging the audience to:
“Give me a ‘T’! Give me a ‘U’! Give me a ‘T’….” ad nauseum.
Well, perhaps not.
But I am gonna have a great time, regardless of who wins!
I am really, really looking forward to it and will embed the winner here after Sunday's ceremony!
In the picture above, the comic-book speech bubbles are gifts from BobE Schism. They were props from his extremely popular and fabulous first-ever machinima - “Hanging Out To Dry”.
Hanging Out is not in MachinimaUWA but, I love it so much, I just wanted an excuse to embed it!

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