Monday, 26 December 2011

"Xmas" Is A Four-Letter Word

[01:54] Pixie Rain: What would you like for Christmas, Orwell?
[01:54] Orwell Rain: /me smiles
[01:54] Orwell Rain: Good question, Little One.
[01:54] Orwell Rain: I want to sit on the pile of asphalt in front of The Creature
[01:54] Orwell Rain: And tease and torment him all day
[01:54] Orwell Rain: /me grins
[01:55] Pixie Rain: That is just so nasty!
[01:55] Pixie Rain: In Heaven’s name, Orwell, where on Earth do you get these awful ideas
[01:55] Pixie Rain: on Christmas Day too?
[01:55] Orwell Rain: /me grins
[01:55] Orwell Rain: Jerusalem
[01:56] Pixie Rain: ffs, Orwell
[01:56] Pixie Rain: Simon and Vellhi were happy with a chocolate-carrot cake
[01:56] Pixie Rain: Why can’t you be more like them?
[01:56] Orwell Rain: /me smiles down at His Baby Girl
[01:56] Orwell Rain: There is no other like Me
[01:56] Orwell Rain: All those others are fakes, pretenders and wannabes
[01:57] Orwell Rain: Y/you will find comfort if Y/you submit to My Collar
[01:59] Orwell Rain: /me smiles
[02:04] Orwell Rain: ?????
[02:07] Pixie Rain: Why the hell are you talking like an SL BDSM Master?
[02:07] Pixie Rain: You sound like a fucking retard
[02:07] Pixie Rain: Stop it
[02:07] Orwell Rain: /me frowns
[02:07] Pixie Rain: Right now!
[02:18] Orwell Rain: Is there any chocolate-carrot cake left, please?
[02:18] Pixie Rain: Yeah, over next to the bin bags
[02:18] Pixie Rain: Help yourself
[02:20] Orwell Rain: I love you, Pixie Rain
[02:20] Pixie Rain: I know you do, Orwell
[02:20] Pixie Rain: I love you too

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