Monday, 20 February 2012

Love and War

Love and War’ is thought to be the world’s first animated short film opera.
Swedish Fredrik Emilson directed it and composed the music. The score is performed by the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and the Royal Swedish Opera Chorus.

Love and War’ won the Los Angeles Film Festival ‘Best Animated/Experimental Short Film’ award with the jury panel saying of it “brilliant craftsmanship and epic scope” and “Emilson proves himself to be the Orson Welles of stop-motion opera cinema”.

The story itself is simple enough; one that we have all seen a hundred times before. However, the execution is superb in every respect from the opening scene to the closing credits. The dialog, original score, directing, editing and puppeteering are all terrific - not for a single frame does the quality drop.

This work was originally pointed out to me by an SL friend and reader of this blog who, I suspect, would rather remain anonymous! As we like to say in the University cafeteria, “Goggle is no longer your friend.”

Anyway, this friend purchased a gift token for me to download Love and War’ as a 1080p HD WMV file (825Mb). I watched full screen this morning while sipping sweet English tea and munching strawberry jam toast.

May I suggest you pour yourself a hot beverage, butter yourself a feel-good waffle-substitute and watch this wonderful fifteen minute film.

Pixie xx

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    Watched it with a mug of coffee, bread and cheese, and a rolled up fag :-)

    Anonymous Klute