Sunday, 5 February 2012

What You See Is What You Get

A Rabbit Man’s work is never done.
From the crack of dawn to the set of sun,
In unrewarded servitude
He labours to protect his beloved rabbits.
                                        Papageno in ‘The Magic Flute’ (1791)

I’ve had a lazy week this week.
After THE SEXIEST® Awards, I had granted myself one night off for some R&R. However, that “one night” has turned into six so far and may extend even further!
On Wednesday and Thursday, I visited an exhibit inspired by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s ‘The Magic Flute’.
This got me thinking about child prodigies – one of which Mozart undoubtedly was – and those so-called “brats” in Second Life.
Mozart has always fascinated me because running parallel with his wonderful creative energies was (some believe) an affliction which we now label as “Tourette’s Syndrome”.
He would often break out in explosions of the foulest language – even as a youngster of 9 or 10. As I wandered around the installation, I understood why Mozart behaved so, but I couldn't help but wonder what the “brats” excuse was!

Thanks to Naughty Nataly for the hysterical “tattooist” photograph. Easily the funniest thing I have seen all week!

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