Sunday, 14 October 2012

Susa Bubble: The Rise of 'Falling'

Congratulations to Iono Allen whose machinima ‘Falling’ (embedded below) has been chosen for screening at this year’s Festival du Nouveau Cinéma de Montréal.
This is a significant achievement by any standard. Over 160,000 people attend this prestigious festival each year and it is also one of the qualifying festivals for the Academy Award for Short Films.
Falling’ depicts a chapter in the life of Susa Bubble, the central sadly beautiful character in many of Rose Borchoski’s Second Life installations. We have blogged Rose’s work before of course; once almost exactly a year ago as part of the ‘The Path’ and again more recently with her ‘The Inevitability of Fate’ installation.
Falling’ records how Susa is now broken in so many ways that her personality has spilt into 33 different complexes. Susa no longer knows who she really is and consequently is falling…
When Iono originally released this machinima in March 2012, I commented on the YT page “beautiful and moving”. It remains so for me today.
Congrats and good luck to Iono, Rose and of course Susa!

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