Tuesday, 16 October 2012

'The Monster Mash': A Halloween Special

Only a few short few weeks ago while discussing the historical, philosophical and spiritual significance of Halloween I asked Tutsy, “Have you ever heard the song, ‘Monster Mash’?”
“Nein, ma chérie une gousse de vanille mûre” he replied, reverting to his native Language of Love, “Tell me more...”
“Oh, you simply must!” I squeal as I paste him the link to the 1960's hit by Bobby ‘Boris’ and the CryptKickers.
Tutsy watches the video while I feed the Indian Internet mice small pieces of Wensleydale and cranberry cheese.
“Mein gott!” he exclaims at the end, “A Masterpiece!  I will make a movie of this for Halloween!”
“Merci, ma muse prune fraises dodues. I will start immediately!”
He teleports off, spending the next week exploring for locations, filming and editing…
And here it is...Please be upstanding for Tutsy Navarathna’s latest machinima, ‘The Monster Mash (best in HD quality, click ‘Change Quality’ button):

Monster Mash’ was filmed on a number of SL ‘Halloween’ regions but two in particular – ‘Enchantment Island’ owned by BambiTwice Nitely and ‘The HAUNTED MANSION at Nevermore Estate’ owned by Tosha Bergan and Brendan Macarthur deserve special mention for providing us with such fun, laughter and great photographic and filming opportunities.
I would heartily recommend both as part of your Second Life Halloween celebrations.

Pixie xx


  1. EXCELLENT WORK Tutsy : le choix de la chanson, le tempo des images, les personnages, les décors, les danses, TOUT quoi. Va falloir que je décortique cela image après image now :-)))

    Klute Coppola

  2. Thank you for a fantastic post Pixie. Great work Tutsie! I featured and linked to you here..


    Loved the video so much. Plus several "Willhelm" screams too! I used one in the movie "The Widow". They are a classic in their own right! lol

  3. Thanks so much my dear"muse prune fraises dodues" :))