Sunday, 7 October 2012

The Rejects of Gor

In denying our nature we betray no one but ourselves.
-         John Norman, ‘The Explorers of Gor
It is always a crime when someone is judged simply by the colour of their skin or the clothes they choose to wear. It is a crime also to differentiate on the grounds of age, physical looks or disabilities.
But we all know this happens, often. Sometimes the discrimination is subtle, quiet and underhand. Other times, like the subject to today’s blog post, the discrimination is blatant and obvious!
Consider what occurred when three innocent and friendly grid-travellers happened upon a Gor roleplay region.
Do you think these intrepid travellers would be welcomed with open arms, comforted and fed? Or despised, spat upon and banned?

Watch the short film below and see if your “guess”…or dare we say, “your bias based upon your stereotyped ideas about Gor”…are correct!
The answer, dear reader, might surprise you!
However, regardless the outcome of this episode, as John Norman correctly says, we can only be true to our own nature regardless of how others’ might treat us.
I bring you now, this special presentation called ‘The Rejects of Gor’:


  1. Gotta love Pixies video's and this one is a hoot! ( still laffing)
    Hugs to you GF.