Sunday, 18 September 2011

10-to-1 On Pixie Rain

I have always been singularly impressed with the size of a  horse's penis.

You can imagine my delight then when an internationally acclaimed breeder, who asked to remain anonymous,  contacted me to tell of a racing horse he had named after me!

Meet Pixie Rain the Horse!

Not only is this gentleman intimately involved with racing horses in RL but incredibly he also has his own film production company in Second Life - Black Stallion Productions!

He has asked me to star in a film called "10-to-1 on Pixie Rain" and I have accepted!

I haven't read the script yet but I love nature and animals and he tells me he is very experienced with breeding, studs and breaking in young fillies.

He speaks a language he calls "gateau talk" and assures me that calling me "bitch" every two sentences is in fact a term of endearment within his culture.

His nine brothers will also need to be on the set during filming, he says, to ensure that all the angles are covered and all holes filled.

Coming soon '10-to-1 on Pixie Rain' - a Black Stallion Production!

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